Monday, July 23, 2012

40 Years and Counting

To celebrate our 40 years of marriage hubby and I decided to go on a cruise with all our kids. While we invited our three children and their significant other or friend to come along early enough for them to save up their money, it quickly became obvious that wasn’t going to happen. So hubby suggested that we pay for all of them to go with us to celebrate. And we did.

We’ve been home a week now so I’ve had a chance to reflect on our wonderful eight day adventures and misadventures.

The process began way back in January 2012 with determining exactly what cruise we were going to book. In the end everyone was in agreement not to fly anywhere; therefore we booked Carnival out of New York. The first two and a half days were at sea then three ports of call within the next three days and finally two and half days at sea. Before April we had an excursion dinner to book our port of call activities. Then the daily count down began.

By June the July 9th date could not come fast enough! Todd posted this in his office.

I was fine with the short wait though because I never left the house dirty. Nothing like coming home from a vacation to a clean house! Fortunately we had no snow days this past year so work ended the middle of June which gave me three weeks to get ready to go and it took every day to get there. No, my house wasn’t that dirty. I had other things that needed to be addressed too. Meanwhile the kids and hubby were deciding travel arrangements. Obviously we had to take two cars. Unfortunately youngest daughter and her significant other ended up riding with hubby and I. The importance of that statement is that no one likes to ride with me :( 

Finally the day arrived which found it to be most exciting and a bit stressful, for me that is. I am a terrible traveler anymore and we had to drive up to New York City to catch the boat. Imagining the worst scenario I insisted that we leave on the earlier side of the afternoon. That translated to mid morning. It wasn’t until we went through the wrong side of the tunnel that the anxiety picked up. Evidently Verizon has some problems up that way so the GPS’s updates are sometimes a little delayed. Yep, we were knee deep into New York City traffic. Fortunately hubby and youngest daughter have a sense of direction.

After maneuvering around trucks that stop to unload while in traffic lanes, cyclists with death wishes, taxis that feel entitled to go wherever they want, and finding the right one way streets, we arrived at the port and vacation began.

    IMG_3573    IMG_3588

After going through the process to board we waited a mere half hour to get into our rooms.


We just dropped off our carry on luggage so that we could go up on deck to enjoy our sail away and take some pretty great pictures.


It was a magnificent departure. One in which pictures could not capture the beauty but at least provide an idea.


I was so involved in taking pictures (I should note that not all of these are my pictures. I’ve raided everyone’s FB page to enhance my Blog.) As I was saying during my intensity of catching some great pictures, I suddenly heard everyone’s ahhs and ooos. I quickly found out what was happening.


We were passing under the Verrazano Bridge. And the we were off!


Now for the partying to begin! First stop someplace to sit and relax and of course get the drink of the day!


And now let the fun begin!

As I’ve always said don’t bury your pictures in either an album or electronic file – use them.

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For now have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

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