Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!

It may be a real pain and dangerous but it sure is pretty!

As I get older I really am affected by the winter months. I don't like them at all! But when it snows like this you just have to suck it up and enjoy. Between last winter and this winter we have certainly made up for all those warm winters that were just gray and gloomy.

Where I work only had 3.5 inches compared to our foot plus. Fortunately it's in a rural area so they canceled school. Hubby was happy too because he would have help with the shoveling. Well, what little shoveling that would have to be done. Back in '96, after the blizzards, the kids chipped in and bought hubby a snow blower. It sat in the garage year after year after he got it because we had a series of warm winters. Of course we had some snow storms in which he was able to play with it but not many. That is until last year and now this year.

Last year the weather drama queens were able to predict that we were going to get a big storm. This year the storms seem to be a great mystery to them and you really don't know how much is going to fall until its over. This last one was to be a rain maker up until a few hours before it started. We had rain all right. Then sleet and then of course snow!

There's a bit of sadness with our snowfalls now. Back when we first moved here they didn't have all the brine and salt. Instead the township used dirt. That meant we had a great sledding hill right out front of the house. All the kids and grown-up kids would meet out front of our house and we would have a big sledding party well into the night. Now...

As you can see the township does a much better job. Oh, what a good time we used to have.

Hubby joined me shortly after I took off to get some pictures with my new camera. He was ready to work.

I think he's saying a prayer over the snow blower encouraging it to be strong.

I walked around and took some more pictures while he plowed away. I really looked like an old woman as I cautiously climbed over this pile of snow blocking our driveway. I told hubby that I was protecting my camera as he laughed. I didn't see him help me or climb over it.

I really got a view of the snow storm once I was out in the icy road.

This is the street directly in front of our house. One of these days someone is going to keep coming and create a drive through.

I waddled down the street a bit and saw our neighbor's shrub.

Is that beautiful or what?

Hubby was making good time.

I walked down to the end of the hill and took a picture looking back at our house.

Then just to get a better idea of the mess we were in...

I started back up the hill to help hubby when I heard all this noise above me. Now these geese have the right idea and I felt they were really sending me a message. Go south stupid!

I made my way back to get my shovel for unwanted exercise. Hubby was headed back to start on creating an exit for the cars through the mountain of snow left behind by the snow plows.

Oh, look, I think he's happy I'm coming to help!

The cars needed to be cleaned off first and of course there was an inch of ice underneath all that snow. Naturally he blamed me for parking my car over too far in the driveway which enabled him to run into our little brick garden wall. The snow blower really didn't like that. So while I shoveled hubby worked on the snow blower grumbling most of the time. Then just as I had more then half the driveway shoveled a miracle happened. I heard the distinct sound of the snow blower!!! Wow, isn't he wonderful.

Once we were dug out I went in to get my mother up and make breakfast. While sitting in the kitchen and looking out back I had to grab my camera. The view was absolutely gorgeous.

The rest of the snow day was dedicated to recovering from the unwanted exercise. All my plans of cleaning, washing and cooking were placed on the back burner while I sat in my big recliner and dreamed about where I should be. I guess there always is some good that comes out of the bad.

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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