Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Greeting Cards - Tis the Season!

As I was growing up I can remember my mother, grandmothers, friends and family sending greeting cards for any and all occasions. Better yet running to the mail box to see if I had received mail was the most exciting part of the day. That excitement carried on through my college years as there was no e-mail or cell phones. Nowadays I love to receive cards but I seem to only find bills, advertisements and and other junk mail.

Although I love to receive I am very bad at sending. Mostly because I hate to take the time to go to a card store and look through the thousands of cards for just the perfect one. My mother on the other hand loved to look at all the cards. Due to my laziness I started designing and printing my own cards. That worked for a bit but it took a lot of time. Now I've found the perfect solution. I design and publish to print on demand websites.

There have been multiple benefits to this method. The best perhaps is the ability to select cards for various occasions and give them as a gift to those who still take pleasure in sending greeting cards. I put a pack of stamps in the package too as most no longer have the ability to go to the post office. I also have the ability to peruse the thousands of cards from my computer rather then stand in a store overwhelmed. Finally I can make a selection and customize and/or personalize it before purchasing. Now that becomes a gift in itself. Last year I gave the cards with a small 5" x 7" frame. The quality is so good that they can be hung on walls, set on desks or end tables.

Then there was the great debate as to whether I should insert a verse and give the customer the ability to delete or change it or just leave the inside of the card blank. Up to now I've left most of my cards blank. That gives the customer the option to use the text tool to add their own or if they do as I do, use the inkjet tissue paper to type your message, cut it, and use the clear glue to make it look like a professional card.

These are some of my favorite cards:

Snowy Window Seasons Greetings Card card
Snowy Window Seasons Greetings Card by FCM_Christmas
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This card comes as an invitation as well

Believe it or not we didn't start sending out Christmas cards until I started designing them. Of course they were very inexpensive in many stores but the quality wasn't what I thought very good and they were all the same card. The quality of these cards is great and I get bulk rates even though I by a variety of them.

Christmas Tree Merry Christmas card
Christmas Tree Merry Christmas by FCM_Christmas
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This card comes as an invitation too.

Hollow Tree Happy Holiday Card card
Hollow Tree Happy Holiday Card by FCM_Christmas
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This card comes with matching postage as do most.

The above card is one of my favorites. I had a tree on one layer while I added all my Christmas balls. Someone interrupted me and I accidentally deleted the tree. This is what was left and I loved it!

The Tiger Buddies Season's Greeting Card really hit someone's fancy bone as they purchased 250 of them at my Firecrackinmama's Card Store! Since they bought in bulk they paid only $1.79 per card.

When someone or a company sees one of your designs and likes it so much that they buy it in bulk. Last year a law firm liked the card below and bought 492 of them at my Firecrackinmama's Card Store. They ordered one first to check the quality. They paid $1.79 per card too. However if they had ordered 500 cards they would have paid $1.49 per card. They requested from Greeting Cards that their logo be placed on the card. That wasn't any problem to me.

If the law firm had ordered the card from Zazzle above, they could have purchased matching postage.

I've sold some of the next card.

Holiday Scales stamp
Holiday Scales by Firecrackinmama

I hate to break the news to everyone but there's only 55 days until Christmas. I have plenty of unique cards that can easily be customized and/or personalized so come on by! I'll leave you with a few others that I think are pretty good.

This was my first try at making photo card templates.

Well, have a Firecrackin Great Day and if you want to see more come on over to:

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