Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Real Stone Island Tour - Mazatlan

Well, we still had some time left after the Banana Boat fun and lunch so I asked our tour guide if it was possible to take the island tour. He immediately called over a young gentleman, Rodolfo, to take us on a tour in his air conditioned vehicle. My son volunteered to go with me to get cooled off.

Ha, ha, ha, he should have known better.

Rodolfo didn't speak English or I should say he could speak few English words that we could understand. As Rodolfo boarded to drive the cart, he introduced us to his horse. I've forgotten the name though. They started off down this dirt road.

As we meandered down the road Rodolfo proudly told us in his broken English that we were on a coconut farm and it sounded as though his family worked on that farm on the days the cruise liners were not in dock. It certainly was beautiful with all the Palm trees standing in straight lines, row after row.

Ah, my Palm Trees swaying in the gentle breeze!

He continued down the road passing this vegetable farm.

As we entered the residential section of the community Rodolfo pointed to the right indicating that the two horses were his horse's parents.

We continued on with Rodolfo taking us up and down the little dirt roads past his neighbors' houses. I was thoroughly enjoying our tour.

Rodolfo would often stop and point to various sites that he felt we should photograph. At one point he stopped at this beautiful flowered shrub.

I didn't realize why he had stopped until he
picked a bud and handed it to me.

Shortly thereafter Rodolfo pulled up again and proudly pointed out his house.

Rodolfo's House

We continued on our way but were stopped by a couple of Rodolfo's friends. They had been out playing, capturing two salamanders. One of the kids jumped up on the back of the wagon to show us his find.

After admiring and taking the picture we finally figured out he was trying to sell it to us for $3.00. We politely declined and moved on.

We passed some more houses that seemed to be a bit more modern and comfortable.

We came upon an intersection in which Rodolfo turned and shortly pointed out a local fast food place.

We were heading back to the beachfront when Rodolfo pointed out this particular structure. Unfortunately I don't know why or what it is but he stopped for us to take pictures. I'm thinking it may have been another beachfront restaurant or perhaps a hotel.

Down the road we could see the end of our tour.

We tipped Rodolfo and thanked him for a wonderful tour then boarded our limos and headed back to our transport to the ship. The ship set sail at precisely 6:00 pm. We said our good-byes to Mazatlan.

Off to Cabo San Lucas!

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Have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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