Friday, July 24, 2009

The Banana Boat Ride

As I mentioned in my previous Blog the Banana Boat ride became the big event of our cruise providing us with the most laughs and continued excuses for what went wrong!

None of us, that I know of, had ever heard of a banana boat, but after watching people climb aboard this very large inflated banana with handles fly through the water behind a speed boat, a few were daring to try this fun ride.

Initially they lined up in a row - four to a boat. When it was their turn they had to wade into the water and mount the banana boat.

The Courageous Four Approach Their Boat

They are on and ready to go!

They're Off!!

I mean really off. See their little bobbing heads?

A guy on a kayak had to go out and help get everyone back on the boat.

After about 5 minutes they were back in the saddle so to speak

They sped back and forth a couple of times and then it was time to beach them.

And I have the whole event on video!

We ate lunch after their adventure and had many laughs while listening to all the excuses as to how they all fell off. When we finished eating I asked the tour guide if it was too late for our Real Stone Island tour. He said no and my son and I were off for our final adventure on Stone Island.

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

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