Sunday, April 12, 2009

Love Me, Love My Country!

I was going through my images today and noticed all the wonderful things that make me happy that I live in the good old U.S.A. My family has always been very patriotic with my father, grandfather and ancestors fighting in wars to keep what our forefathers so gallantly designed and gave us. So on this very special day of worship I thought I'd try and contribute to preserving this American right.

I don't like politics, been there and done that on a small scale. However it is a necessity of life and survival. Unless you've been sleeping for over a year, or you haven't watched the news, you are well aware of the financial strife that has hit this country and the stimulus packages that have been promoted and sold. My question is who bought?

The news has offered that many Chinese are buying real estate. I'm sure if I dug further I'd find what other countries have bought what. What happens when other countries own more of the USA than Americans? And what happens if they should cash in? Maybe I don't understand all this and it's a figment of my imagination. I do know one thing though, we as individuals can help our country by buying U.S. Savings Bonds.

Love Me, Love My Country!

Today I am officially starting my Firecrackin promotion for buying "Save Our Country, Buy US Savings Bonds"!

The first word that I ever learned how to spell was "Philadelphia". I can remember my father quizzing me on it until I got it right. Why? Because back then Billy Penn was the highest structure in the city and became an American icon of freedom.

We love to visit historical places. Naturally living so close to Philadelphia we've visited the many historical sites such as the Constitution Center, Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross' house and of course The Franklin Home. Then what eventually became a tradition, we visited Williamsburg almost on a yearly basis.

Our last visit to Williamsburg was one of the most enjoyable. You can read about it in my Blog Firecrackinmama's World: Ghosts of the Revolution

Using images from both Philadelphia and Williamsburg I put this print together.

Don't Lose Buy Print print
Don't Lose Buy Print by Firecrackinmama

What has really led me to starting this promotion is my love for playing the lottery. Atlantic City is only 60 miles from us and a fast way to lose $20.00 in 5 minutes. Therefore I decided not to waste gas to lose money instead I'd stop at my local card shop and buy lottery tickets. I like the scratch offs. I never get anything on those jackpot thingys. Anyhow after purchasing $20.00 of scratch offs and noticing that I only made fifty cents on the dollar or less, I decided that I should change my gambling habits to a much surer way of winning.

That was fun to make.

Evidently some gambling runs in my blood. My mother keeps telling me of how my great grandmother who was dying of cancer would ask my father to run to wherever to place her bets on the horses. My mother told me she was pretty lucky!

However neither of my grandmothers were gamblers. They always played safe.

I remember when I was young my one grandmother bought my brother and I a US Savings Bond as a gift for every one of our birthdays. Now as a kid that was like where's my gift? You know what I did with those bonds? Yep, put them towards my college education.

My other grandmother was not as well to do, but you know what she did? She put a nickel in a metal replica of our bank each and every day of our lives. I remember going up to her apartment and putting it in. She lived right up the street from us. And when we graduated from high school she gave us the savings book. Wow!!

So the next time you have to buy someone a gift for, a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, retirement or whatever, and you don't know what to get them, buy them a U.S. Savings Bond. I am.

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