Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Thinking Green!

Anymore when you say "think green" people are thinking of money and wishing they had some. However Earth Day is April 22 and I'm thinking earth green.

In another life time we didn't have any money so we had to find things to keep us busy while having fun. We didn't have computers but we did have limited TV shows, in black and white. We had the dial telephones and just yelled across the yards when the phones weren't available. I still find myself yelling across the yard to my neighbors. Guess you can't break old habits.

We also had two sets of clothing back then. The clothes you wore to school and the hand-me-downs that you changed into to go out and play. I've never liked dress clothes. I guess I associate all the fun I had in my play clothes with dressing down. A psychological thingy.

Anyhow, some of the most memorable times were spent next door in my now sister-in-law's yard. It seems to me that every Sunday all the neighborhood kids would gather in her yard for our own barbecue. We dug a hole, threw in some grass with small pieces of wood and started our fire. Then we'd all bring our food over and cook it. My friend Nicky would bring the most unusual concoctions and throw them all together in a pot, cook it and actually ate whatever it was. You would have thought he knew better as his mother was the best Italian cook ever.

Every year we would all get together and have our own neighborhood Olympics. Prior to the event we made our metals and afterward gave them out in a special ceremony.

The Contestants

It was a great time in my life. However even before those times my other neighbor, who was a few years older then me, was just as creative. Every year our grade school, which was just around the block, always had "May Day". It was a great celebration put together by the then PTA.

So not to be out done by the school that neighbor decided we should have our own "Neighborhood May Day" full with a king and queen.

Well, the King wasn't so happy to be a part of it. We must have bribed him with something to get him to agree.

Nowadays people have above ground pools if they don't have an in ground pool or belong to a swim club. My sister-in-law's family belonged to a swim club. We didn't have enough money to but I think we had just as much fun. Here's our above ground pool.

Things seem to have been much better back then. There weren't as many houses. Families lived together and learned how to tolerate the multiple generations within one home. There weren't as many cars, roads or as much noise as there is today. I miss Mother Earth from those days.

I'm not the only one but this newest generation doesn't know what they are missing out on because they've never experienced it. So I've joined the cause for Earth Day by creating some t-shirts to encourage others to stop and think. I can assure you I could do a much better job at saving the earth and probably will as years go by.

Here are some incentives to remind us to protect our earth "Think Green!"

This is my favorite so far. There has been no manipulation with the image other then adding text. We were at Riverwinds in West Deptford at sunset and I took advantage of the moment to photograph Philadelphia across the Delaware River.

Think Green T-Shirt shirt
Think Green T-Shirt by Firecrackinmama

I always loved this image. I was out shooting pictures during a memorial golf tournament for a local young man who was a victim of 9/11. As I was riding by on the golf cart this guy was yelling to us. He is really in a deep sand trap! At any rate I thought this tee has a double meaning: think green for encouragement to reach the putting green; and think green to preserve golf courses.

The last one I've done for now is of Costa Rica. Those rain forests are extremely important and we are destroying them. I think I should have put this image on a baby and labeled it "Save Some Green For Me". Yep, I think I'll do that.

I just love this baby model.

Well, everyone have a Firecrackin great Friday!

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