Monday, March 9, 2009

We And About Another Million People

helped stimulate the economy yesterday.

We haven't had a party in a long time nor have we replaced anything. However next week we are having a grand party for my son who will be the ripe old age of thirty. Where have the years gone. Anyhow he wanted a party and he's going to have one.

It only took the first stop at the party store for decorations to remind me of why we no longer have big parties. The theme is to be based on our upcoming cruise in July. I bought one of those 4' x 50' beach wall coverings that for the size was not a bad price at all. I don't imagine the paper is too good but just so I get the effect. Bought my helium tank to fill the balloons, the balloons of course, a sombrero for my son to wear and a few beach hats for decoration. Let's see, the party plates and napkins, other "30" decorations, some glow sticks, hmmm, I guess that pretty much does it.

Now that's what I spent at the party store but the store was loaded with other people purchasing all kinds of party things. I guess there's no recession on party goods.

Of course when I went home there was some cleaning up that needs to be addressed. Particularly our deck/decks. Almost twenty years ago or so we purchased really nice outdoor furniture that is on the enclosed deck. It's still in great condition but the cushions look war torn. So off my husband and I went - on a new cushion mission. The first stop was a local Lowes - it was very crowded. After looking at their selection, have to say my husband picked a pattern that didn't initially appeal to me, we moved on to Target. It too was crowded with long lines at the checkout. They didn't have a great selection at all. So off we went to HomeDepot. Again a full parking lot and a crowd at the checkouts.

We ran into a friend of my husband's who suggested a Patio and Outdoor Furniture store that was about 20 miles from where we were. First we went across the way to Kohl's. We had to park a long way from the door and dodge the customers to find that they had virtually nothing for outdoors.

So we decided to take the 20 mile ride up to Moorestown. Now here's a clue. The parking lot to this specialty shop was empty. Oh, I'm sorry there was one car, a Mercede's. This was a fun thing. We were both dressed in our scruds but still went in the store. I think most of you have already guessed, they didn't have spare cushions on hand. Nope you had to order them and they were customed made. It would only take a second mortgage to pay for cushions that were going to sit out in the rain, snow, hot sun and pollen. I'd rather have a house at the beach and sit in the sand. I wonder if they will see any of the government's stimulus?

From there we scooted over to a local Sears - nothing. After over two hours we were not able to find anything that was of reasonable quality at a reasonable price. We were leaving the Mall when my husband casually mentioned there was another Lowe's right up the way. I was driving and in the left hand lane. Fortunately no one was behind me or to the right of me - I'm bad I did make the right turn from the left hand lane. It's an excusable action - after all I'm a woman driver.

We went into the Lowe's. Of course they had the same cushions as the other Lowes. Ok, I decided I like the cushions my husband originally picked out three hours ago at the first Lowes. They only had four and we needed six. Yep, we bought the four and headed back to the other Lowes. And yes, I listened to how we could have been finished much earlier all the way back to the other Lowes and on the way home from there.

Now in between all this I'm to pick my mother up and we were running late. However, you know how you have those moments as you drive and think. And yes, I do think. I remembered somewhere inbetween those thoughts that I had re-set my mother's clock but I also recalled instead of setting it ahead, I had set it back. Yeah, when I got there she thought I was early! One for me.

If you think we had finished stimulating the economy at this point, you are wrong. Of course food is a necessity. Considering I work full time, I'm old, and burned out from having parties, I took the easy route. I have fallen madly in love with the Amish Market. The food is fresh, reasonalbly priced and much of it already cooked.

I really stimulated their market. I say "I" because my husband and daughter were eating breakfast at their restaurant while I shopped. Rachel's Salads is going to provide the most food while the Dutch Twist is going to provide a fabulous Pretzel tray, very unique. Yoder's has fantastic wings while Dutch Family Fresh Meat has great sausage. I can't forget the great produce from Immer Fresh Produce. So I think I have the food situation under control.

Oh, by the way, the Amish Market was packed!

After a day of galavanting around South Jersey and visiting so many large shopping areas that were packed to their gills, I think the government can rest assured that there are millions of us out there helping the economy.

Well, I'm off to work. Hopefully I'll have my job next year. I like contributing to the financial crisis we are facing. I feel like I'm helping others.

If anything the prices of goods are astronomical and a real killer. I've never seen money go so fast.

Don't forget St. Patrick's Day next week! I appreciate any stimulus that can come my way too!

Well, have a Firecrackin Good Day!

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