Monday, December 22, 2008

Obama's Inauguration

The major holidays within the next few weeks are not the end to all ends. Yep, once again I'm depressed because I couldn't control my desire to give. My family has become my number one charity and I wanted to make this one more memorable holiday. I'll let you know.

Meanwhile I've followed within the same paths as before - over done the credit card. Why you might ask? It wasn't on purpose. I think they have those little spiders that follow my paths and after I've made a big purchase they run back to their queen spider and say, "She's done it! She's purchased mugs!" Yep, I did and now look what happens after I ordered 20 mugs. At least they came out really well and I hope everyone will like them:

Zazzle: 10% off all mugs.  Code: AFMUGS102008 Ends: 1/31/09.

Not only did I order 20 mugs with the $3.00 discount but I ordered tees and paid the full price but because I'm sooooo pis__ed off I'm letting you in on the next big SPIDER secret!

Zazzle: End of 2008 New Years Sale - 20.08% off all shirts. Code: ZTSHIRTS2008 Ends 12/31/08.

Not only that but look what else:

Zazzle: Free shipping on apparel orders of $40 or more. Code: AFLAPPAREL40 Ends: 1/31/09.

Oh, and that's not all there are more discounts coming for Obama's Inauguration:

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