Monday, December 15, 2008

2009 Is Coming???

Wow can you believe it 2009 is right around the corner. I remember in 1999 the world was supposed to end at midnight December 31. The computers were to go nuts and all was to be lost. Maybe it is and I'm so computer challenged that I don't know. However we've had many a happy, happy, happy New Year since then.

We've always partied whether I was sick, suffering from pain or totally as normal as I can get. Decorations and the same old gang came for years. You were only invited if you were within walking distance. Just so happens that a couple of our neighbors' (friends') kids went to school with our kids and they were as stuck as we were. I remember one year that the kids will never forget. They stayed up all night and we all went over to the Renwick's for Eggs Benedict. Oh, yum!!

There are quite a few memorable years that we do have fun reminiscing about when we get together. The kids are all grown now and have their own lives. I still love New Year's Eve but have calmed down quite a bit. After all I don't want to break the other Interior Pubic Ramus whatever the hell that is but it hurts like hell.

So this year we will once more party but this year will be slightly different in that my daughter that has been out in CA for 8 years is coming home to stay. That is until she can't take us anymore. Her pet cats arrived yesterday via American Airlines in good condition. They miss her already and when I decided to introduce them to our cat (he's about 2 times the size of her biggest cat) our cat went a bit nuts. Just wait until we introduce them to our dog!!

Anyway back to New Year's Eve. Since we don't have "parties" any more I decided to design some party invitations for those who do. Then I expanded the ideas to tees, steins and stickers. Just imagine how far I'll go by next year.

Yep, of course I'm going to plug here.

Have to say though that I'm partial to:
New Year's 2009 Party Invitation card
New Year's 2009 Party Invitation by FCM_Christmas
Stacked Champagne New Year's Pin button
Stacked Champagne New Year's Pin by FCM_Christmas

So much for the plugs.

Well, I'm tired and the Eagles are about to come on.

Happy New Year's everyone!!

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