Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Never Thought They Would Sell

When I first started my Firecrackinmama's Zazzle my website was called Photofunonline where my by line was "Use Your Photos Don't Abuse Them". I was clueless but it was fun. Not too long after I had made a sale at Firecrackinmama's Zazzle and followed site meter for a while I found more traffic going to my Zazzle store and more keyword searches on engines for Firecrackinmama. So I deleted Photofunonline and opened I continue to use my by line however added that "Every Picture Has A Story".

So I was thinking out of the box and just having some good old fashion fun with our photos. My husband would silently laugh and wonder why in the world I would offer some of the items for sale. I'm even amazed that these have sold. I liked them and I guess some others have too. Perhaps it's because you can alter the items by adding your own text. Personalizing things has much more meaning to the recipient.

This is the most recent unusual card that sold. We took our three kids on a cruise to celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary. They had friends that also joined us on the cruise which made the whole event a wonderful memory. As you can see white water rafting was offered as an excursion. Only my son had ever been on such a ride and he even commented that this one in Costa Rica was much rougher then the one he had been on. We were told that this was a mild ride. I think they classified it as a "2" or whatever. However, our guide Alex said it ran a "3-4". All I remember was Alex telling me to hold on and paddle. I kept wondering how do I hold on and paddle. In short it was a wonderful excursion and we all still talk about it when we get together.

Believe it or not someone other then me bought this holiday card last year. Chrysie has an unbelievable personality and I thought this would be a perfect way of showing her off. The bar was located in Costa Maya. I say "was" as it was destroyed by Hurricane Dean shortly after we left port. It was in an ideal location on the beach with it's small restaurant across from it where my daughter and I had gone after our high speed boat excursion. I needed a drink after her many attempts to kill me with her driving.

Since I had finally found a way to make digital Christmas lights, I felt that a Chevy Chase Christmas was appropriate for this bar and of course for Chrysie's Mexican hat. The hat by the way was extracted from my daughter's head as she posed for a picture in Disney World. The puppies are Chrysie when she was little. Believe it or not we only had one picture of her as a puppy. Wow!

Again I guess the option of inserting text and your own message was something that drew this customer to the card.

This collage was designed from photos of that same trip to Majahual and our high speed boat excursion. I just wanted to prove that I did live through it. My daughter and I were enjoying our lunch at restaurant across from the above bar and these were things we could see just from that seat. The guides had gone across to a Palm tree next to the bar and snagged some coconuts. They split them open for us and we enjoyed them. The building at the top of the card is the hotel on the beach. It only cost $35.00/night.

Maybe the customer had been to the same place. However I had another customer purchase 10 of these cards.

Yes, someone bought this postcard. We had gone on a 4 wheeler excursion to this remote beach area and this is what we saw first. I couldn't resist.

Perhaps one of the most unusual sales is this one:

Chrysie loves the water and whenever she has a chance to go swimming, she swims underwater, thus the name Scuba Dog. I was playing around one morning with the Sting Ray underwater photo. I think I cleaned it up as best I could. Then I wanted to demonstrate how shallow the water was by placing the boat above. Well, one thing led to another and this is what I designed.

Someone else in the world enjoyed my card. I would love to know what they did with it.

The holidays are always a fun time to develop new and unusual images. I'm getting better at manipulating the photos and making an entirely new image.

Last year someone at Greeting Cards Universe requested Christmas cards with an Angus cow in it. I developed one and then at Zazzle I developed a sticker to match the card. This year the sticker seems to be pretty popular.

Perhaps one of my greatest surprises was selling my LA 2009 twelve month calendar. The photos presented are from a touris'ts view and one shot I love is the Rent A Horse month. My daughter lives in Burbank not too far from the Equestrian Club. I went for a walk back into the area and found a building that actually advertised "Rent A Horse". A bit further down the road I found two horses tied to a post waiting for their riders. So I extracted one and put it in front of the Rent A Horse Building. I thought only in LA.

This is one of my favorite calendars this year. I just might buy it myself.

However the best of sales seems to have come from the most unlikely place.

My Create Your Own products. Thank you to all who have been adventurous enough to design your own gifts. I only wish I could have seen how they were customized.


Richard Rizzo said...

Excellent photographs, I especially like the underwater dog shot I got a great chuckle out of that.

Richard Rizzo said...

Excellent photographs, I especially like the underwater dog shot I got a chuckle out of that.

Firecrackinmama said...

Thank you Richard for your comment.