Thursday, September 25, 2008

Firecrackinmama's Presidential Poll!

Yesterday I wrote about who I'm supporting for our next president of the United States and even started a poll. I've been listening to all the TV networks posting the results of their polls and have often wondered just how many people really participated.

As of yesterday Obama had received 75% while McCain received 25%. Ok, so you could have figured out McCain's percentage. I had close to 40 visitors however only 8 out of the 40 voted. Hmmm...are there that many undecided voters or were many of them not from the U.S.

Well maybe today more people will take the time to participate in the poll. After all it's just there for some Firecrackin Fun!

One person did leave a comment. Thank you rdwnggrl's Gallery at Zazzle .

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Add your comment and link for your candidate! I'll publish it!!


Stacy said...

Thank you FCM. I'm with you, I wish there wasn't so much apathy towards the election. This is one of the most important elections in recent history. We can't live another 4 years like we's sad, really. We have to make a difference, and we have to make our voices heard.

pamdicar said...

What fun it is to participate in the poll...even if I am in the minority...nice to see we can all be appreciated! I don't choose to have my gallery be all about my I offer a couple of things for both sides. I hate that we even have to take sides!
Very nicely done blog.....

Anonymous said...

I say... Vote Joe!!
Why not? I don't think either candidate should win really, but then again, I didn't vote for either of them. Come show your support for Joe at