Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Perfect Programs

You don't want to know how many design programs I have purchased just for finding the perfect user friendly program for me. Yes, I have spent hundreds of dollars and spent endless hours trying to learn some of the most difficult programs and few hours learning the basic programs. I think I have finally found the easiest and least expensive programs around.

I cut my teeth on PhotoShop CS by Adobe and have since upgraded to CS3. I still love the program and use it most often. However my original CS did not come with Illustrator and I didn't want to pay the astronomical price just to have it. Therefore I purchased SerifDrawPlus2 to create vector images. It's ok but not what I needed or wanted.

From there I went to CorelDrawX3. I had to purchase the entire package in order to get Corel Photo Paint that came highly recommended from a friend. It was a good deal and CorelDrawX3 is known for it's vector images. However it is the most complicated and user unfriendly I have attempted to date. I really do love Photo Paint however I just can't get the hang of Draw.

I've also learned how to use Quark and SmartDraw. Neither is on my computer any longer and I think CorelDrawX3 is about to leave too. I'll have to see if I still need it to convert files to compatible files for other programs.

The one thing that all these programs have in common is that it's very difficult to find compatibility between them. One only takes .pdf's another .xml and so on. Therefore what you create in one, will have to be opened in another, saved as some other file to work on it in the one that will give you a finished product. Ok, I'm sure you didn't follow that. In short, none of them met my total needs in one stop. Frustration was the word of the year, until July 1, 2008.

During one of my surfing the Internet trips I came across and educational site that was pretty good. No, I don't recall the site but I do know it lead me to the best design software that is so user friendly and can do everything in one spot, design, vector images and most importantly, 3D!

Are you ready?

Educators, graphic designers and of course novice web designers, this is your big day to stand out from the crowd! Have fun exploring the cool things you can do at Firecrackinmama's TextDesign. If you like it, you'll definitely like the price.

However if you want more then just text with all its features you need to check out

I can't tell you how much fun I'm having with it although it's a very new program for me. I guess you'll see as I start uploading some of my products developed through XaraXtreme.

As you can see I'm truly a semi-novice. So if you aren't sure check the media reviews.

I do like what I was able to do with my FirecrackinFootWear Banner.

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