Saturday, March 19, 2016

Who Are These People?

I know this is my grandmother
Florence May Rachor (nee Dilks)
Over three generations of my family have maintained a pictorial and newspaper collection of their lives, interests, and fun times. I have spent many years slowly organizing and collating memorabilia,  newspaper articles, memory recounts from my mother, photo albums and of course Internet searches.

My mother was very conscientious about labeling pictures in her albums. When I cleaned her house out I found close to twenty albums dating back to the early 1900's through 2000 plus, miscellaneous tin pictures, letters, scrap books, and my grandmother's photo album. I think I have now scanned all the pictures, which total over a thousand. The last scans were from my grandmother's album that I had accidentally placed in my office closet and forgot I had it until this past week.

The pictures, I believe, are from my grandmother's late teens and early marital era. At the moment there  are many I can't identify because she didn't identify the persons in the photos. Therefore it will take me some time to compare faces with other photos and information to finally determine whom they might be.

I believe I'll be able to eventually identify this couple.

Childhood friends whom will never be identified

Some of the pictures, I'm sure, are those of my grandmother's classmates from Woodbury High School. I have a list of those person from my earlier blog Firecrackinmama's World: Almost 100 Years Ago. It would be something if the kids in the photograph above were her classmates.

It will take a bit to identify the men in the above photograph, but I believe I'll be able to determine some of them.

I think I know who this gentleman is, but I'll have to compare
 his face with others I have to be sure.

I think you get the idea that these pictures, as well as the many more I have to identify, that it's important for future generations that you identify your friends, family members, and locations. I've already misidentified one of my great-grandfathers' pictures. Unfortunately it was placed on and I'm having a difficult time correcting the error. 

If anyone reading this post had relatives living in Woodbury, New Jersey back in the early 1900's and can identify anyone within these pictures, please contact me.

Wish me luck!

Meanwhile have a Firecrackin Great Day!!!

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