Sunday, January 17, 2016

What's For Dinner?

Chicken Fajitas

I'm tired of trying to figure out what's for dinner every night. I've been doing that job for over 40 years. I often wondered where was the Amish Market was when I was teaching full time, raising three kids and married. Their prepared food is great, but expensive.

I'm retired now so the Amish Market won't do once more and I'm still tired of trying to figure out dinner and the same old things in rotation. However, hello Pinterest, The Chew, and Rachel Ray! Oh, yeah plenty of good ideas there.

Did I mention that my husband and I take care of our grandson every day, so once again the dinner decision is problematic. After nine hours of running around with a 14 month old dinner better be a quick fix. So over the summer and this past Fall I've found some pretty good ideas that have been modified and simplified of course.

The best idea over the summer was chicken fajitas and the grill. It was so simple using McCormick's Skillet Fajita Sauce.

Just slice up the chicken breasts into strips place in a bowl and mix with the Fajita sauce. I have to add it's the best sauce I've had yet. The local Shop Rite use to carry it, but no longer. I did find it in Walmart.

This may not seem so special but I cooked the onions and peppers right on the grill without any oil. 

Nothing like taking a few minutes to enjoy a glass of wine or some beer while you cook these on the grill. However, I preferred my homemade Mint Julep!

Once the onions and peppers have softened, it's time to complete the meal.

Finish cooking the marinated chicken with the onions and peppers and it's done. Warm up some tortillas, add some salsa, sour cream or whatever completes you fajita. Enjoy!!

Have a Firecracking Great Night!

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