Saturday, January 30, 2016

Creative Pizza

Firecrackinmama's Creative Pizza

Well, last Saturday dinner was up in the air and no one felt like going out or running out to get food. So what to do? I thought about it for a bit and then remembered I had gotten some Pillsbury pizza dough. After reading so many recipes on Pinterest using their dough to make a variety of edible delights, I broke down and bought it. In addition I had purchased pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese as well, so pizza was on the menu for the night's dinner.

I decided to get the pizza crusts set up while thinking about what toppings I could put on them. I popped the containers opened and to my surprise they were rather difficult to remove. As a matter of fact the dough became one long round object stuck in one end. The more I tried to pull it out the longer it got. Once out I found the perforated edge and started unrolling it. I finally got them in the pans...

 All right stop laughing. I definitely need to practice.

I didn't know which pizza sauce we would like so I used a different one on each pizza. In the end I think I preferred the Cento.

Meanwhile I had thought of some toppings. A few weeks ago I had made non-round meatballs. In other words I was too lazy to form the nice round balls and cook them. Instead I threw the meat in a frying pan and added all the ingredients normally used in the meatballs. I never added the spaghetti sauce to the meat. I froze the leftover meat. So I had one topping solved.

We had had the chicken fajitas the night before. Naturally I over estimated the onions and peppers; therefore they would be perfect as a topping. Oh, and I had some leftover mushrooms! Problem solved!!

Done! Into the oven for about 15-20 minutes and dinner would be ready!

They didn't look too bad nor did they taste bad. Rather good we decided. I noted a couple of things. The crust was too thin, but tasty. Therefore the next time I'm going to use

Well, have a Firecrackin great day! Oops, another Saturday. I wonder what we're going to have for dinner tonight?

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