Saturday, March 7, 2015

Homeowner's Insurance

Just another day except for the fact that we received our Homeowner's Insurance bill yesterday. If it wasn't for recent events, the bill would have just gone into the filing bin for future use if necessary. However, we were slapped in the face with the realization that our homeowner's insurance through High Point, a/k/a Plymouth Rock, has been ripping us off. So today's retirement goal is to find a new policy.

Naturally my first instinct to was to call High Point/Plymouth Rock and inquire about the ridiculous amount they were charging. Hmmm...that was a total waste of time. Take it or leave was the gist of the conversation. The second impulse was to post on FaceBook. I received support in regards to their overcharge and one of my friends also had a similar experience with High Point/Plymouth Rock. In his case " I received a notice informing me that High Point/ Plymouth Rock is going double the cost of my insurance to reflect the estimated replacement cost of my home." So I guess we'll be leaving High Point/Plymouth Rock's services as soon as we can.

I suppose when a company gets really big they don't care very much about their customers. In addition I got the feeling that if they behaved with this type of attitude for just questioning their premium, what kind of treatment would we receive if we had to file a claim?

So onward to search the Internet for companies. Many a free quote can be provided. I started to enter the information then found in the end an agent would still have to contact us. Fortunately for us, our daughter and son-in-law are in the process of moving, thus the Realtor had them contacted by an agent who does work for them. We thought the Realtor had done a very good job with our daughter's impending sell and move. They've, been honest, and quite fair. Therefore I contacted the insurance agent and by the afternoon he had provided us with a policy equivalent to our present one and half the price. SOLD!

Now to locate a fax number for our mortgage holders so the new policy could be sent. You would think that would be a rather easy task. Just look online or better yet the statement should have that information - NOT! That meant utilizing the telephone and audio menu tapes. I hope every time I called it was recorded because I'm sure at some point a human will hear every foul word I used to just try and get through to a real person. After a very long and aggravating time, I finally, finally was able to speak with a human being who took a bit of time to locate the insurance fax number. I'm just hoping it was right as that's the one I gave our new insurance agent.

The moral of this post? If you have homeowners insurance through High Point/Plymouth Rock, I highly suggest you investigate whether you're being overcharged. Good Luck!

With my goal being reached after three quarters of my day spent, I returned to my stress released activities. Take a peek below.

Westminster Abbey Vintage Postcard
Westminster Abbey Vintage Postcard by Firecrackinmama
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I'm still into gathering our family's history. My mother's second cousin traveled a great bit with her husband. Since cameras weren't available for travel, she purchased postcards. I have a slew of vintage postcards that I'm in the process of reproducing. This one of Westminster Abbey seems to be very popular.

Venezia Chiesa San Marco Vintage Postcard
Venezia Chiesa San Marco Vintage Postcard by Firecrackinmama
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Katherine and Dr. Grimes sailed on the R.M.S. Carinthia.
R.M.S. Carinthia Vintage Postcard
R.M.S. Carinthia Vintage Postcard by Firecrackinmama
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Have fun browsing through more vintage postcards at Firecrackinmama's Zazzle

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Six Months Into Retirement

Actually it's been seven months into retirement and retiring was the best decision I've ever made for so many reasons. However, I won't bore you with them. I had hoped to add to my Blog on a daily basis, but when my grandson comes to visit - everything is put on the back burner. Now I know how my mother felt when all her grandkids visited her.

Retirement is an exciting thing in that every day is Saturday; you're never in a hurry; and Gone With the Wind is a reality - I can do it tomorrow. However on the downer side, I've lived longer than I'm going to live. So what have I learned over the past sixty plus decades? Hmm... I know nothing!

It is true that when you reach this age that you prefer to remember only happy thoughts. In addition when you can't remember something your imagination starts focusing on dementia. On the other hand Ihave reasoned that my mind is like a computer. There's so much to remember that my server has gone on overload.

Fortunately we have tried to document our lives through photographs to enhance memories. Believe me, though, we have not done the bang up job that my mother had. She had oodles of albums with each picture labeled. I've scanned most of the photos and plan on providing each of her grandchildren with a DVD collection. My great grandparents, grandparents and my parents took great care to document their lives with photographs so I plan to honor them with compiling their lives in some orderly fashion. I've already done so in some of my past posts, but I think I'll start another page or Blog to complete the feat.

The other topics I'm going to play with are of course recipes. It seems as though the world is hungry for new and old recipes. Hopefully I can do some justice with my cooking through photos. That seems to be the big appetizer for people to even view your culinary creation. I have to figure out whether that's another page or Blog.

I love working in the yard so I'll have to do some blabbing about that too. I plan on Jack to be right there with me while we work and enjoy the sunshine, rest periods, and of course the refreshments - his a bottle of formula - me Cranapple juice.

Zazzle is still on my mind. I'm getting back into designing and posting. They have soooo many new products that I can't keep up to them. The neat part is that the products can be customized and/or personalized. It's really overwhelming.

Finally, I'm getting back into doing my own printing. It's taking quite some time, but slowly and surely it's coming. I've been busy with trial exhibits, but I really want to print up greeting cards, educational posters, and travel prints. I've found Epson and  Red River Paper to have the quality in products that I want to use for printing. Canvas prints can be found through my Zazzle Stores. Here are a couple that I've revised and posted.

Well, just got a call for duty. Headed out on a shopping spree with my grandbaby. Everyone have a great day!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015

Well, here we are another new year and it’s been quite some time since I last posted. So much has happened that I don’t even plan on reminiscing and bringing anyone interested up to date. Nope. I plan on starting today and going forward. I will note that I am now retired and planning on spending more time posting.

Our New Year’s Eve was quite different then in past years. We spent a very quiet night with our new grandson, daughters and son-in-law. I might add that Jackson, our new grandson, is our only grandchild so beware everyone many stories may include him. As a matter of fact meet Jackson:

He’s all decked out in a tuxedo bib designed by Ricaso. The bib was made of 100% polyester fleece which enhanced the design and elegance for the New Year occasion. The bow-tie actually looks 3D. However my cute little grandson really made it stand out.

As for my new year, I have many great intentions and am hoping to achieve at least half of them. I retired last June and have enjoyed every moment since. We visited Williamsburg once more. I can’t believe how again it has changed. Our pictures over the years document what was then and now. With that said you can expect more of my Colonial ghost images and new calendars.

 Williamsburg Oils 2015 Calendar
Williamsburg Oils Calendar

One of my favorite ghosts of Williamsburg is this canvas print I made.

Ghosts of Williamsburg

More design work for educational purposes is on the list of intentions. I continue to have luck in selling my math posters. Family genealogy, around the house fix-ups, and day trips are all doable too. So all in all 2015 will be the beginning of another life.

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy 2015. Happy Firecrackin New Year!!!