Friday, March 30, 2012

Firecrackinmama’s Lottery Mania

Yep, I’ve been hit my the lottery virus! Who hasn’t?? I bought my tickets yesterday and I plan on winning!

What would I do with a half billion dollars. Hmmm… Of course I’d take care of my family first, retire next, and of course share with some of my favorite charities. I almost feel as though that was the perfect response to a Miss America question.
Now what would I really do? First I’d tell everyone I ran into because I’m not good at keeping happy secrets. Then I’d put the ticket in a really safe place like I have with other valuable items that I can’t remember where I put them. Who knows what I might find in the process of hiding it. Next, I’d definitely celebrate and I mean celebrate. The next day when I would have gathered my modest composure, I’d have to do some serious thinking about how to share, invest and of all things SPEND! I’m all for stimulating the economy!

Spending would be the fun part. I’d retire so someone else could take my position and earn an income. Travel agents would be knocking on my door because there are a million sights I’ve never seen. Hubby and I would do the Fire and Ice cruises to thoroughly discuss our future. I guess we would have to travel through Europe, but before that I have to see the rest of the United States. Hubby would definitely insist on buying an RV to explore the States. We would probably share some wealth in Canada too. Mexico is too dangerous to visit at the moment. My dream though is to live on a tropical island, basking in the sun on a white sand beach, watching the Palm trees swaying in the breeze. Why you may ask? This is why:

Paradise in Cabo San Lucas zazzle_print
Paradise in Cabo San Lucas by Firecrackinmama
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Ah, and I have more pictures to remind me of my dream retirement. 
For now have a Firecrackin Great Day!
Good luck everyone!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Easter Bunny Is Coming!

Ah, that wonderful time when the hyacinths, forsythias, and of course the Easter lilies announce the beginning of Spring and the celebration of Easter. This year the blooming trees and azaleas have added to the beauty of the occasion. I’m not a real religious person any more but the meanings of Christmas and Easter have not been totally lost. I enjoy the process to prepare for the celebrations.

When I was little the best parts of Easter were of course dying the eggs, searching for our Easter baskets and dressing up for church. Oh, I shouldn’t forget our dinners. The worse part of Easter was my mother insisting that we have our pictures taken. By the way, I don’t ever remember a warm Easter so I was freezing while trying to smile for the camera.  On the other hand I’ve had time to reconsider that and think that maybe I just didn’t and don’t like my picture taken. As you can see the event started within my first year of life.

March 19510009   March 19510010   I don’t have a picture but I bet you I even got an Easter basket which my father probably helped me eat all the candy.
I was moving the second year.
Easter 19520002   Easter 1952  It must have been really cold outside or else my mother took mercy on me and took the pictures inside.

Years went by and similar pictures were entered into my mothers pictorial journal of her life. I’m glad she took the time.

Easter 19530005   Easter 19530003   Easter 19530004 
I’ve always loved hats but don’t wear them that much because they flatten my already bad hair.
 April 8 19540003   I remember this year. It was cold! I think there is only one picture because of that.
April 19550007   April 19550006   April 19550008
Look at those forsythias in the background. I can just smell the hyacinths my mother had planted around the yard. It’s amazing how photos can stimulate other senses.
Easter 19560002  Easter 19570001  Easter 1958
Ah, the years went by and we grew up and had our own families in which traditions were carried on. The kids came along and…
dvd (35)   dvd (57)   dvd (101)
dvd (152)   dvd (154)  dvd (155)
Ah, another one who didn’t like Easter pictures. What can I say?
I was sure the kids would receive the proper religious training. Yep, I taught Sunday School and the other parent with me helped raise the class size to the point that the other lifetime teachers wanted us out. Their kids were transferring into ours and the powers to be were about to eliminate their class. So upon recognizing that politics are no different in the church, I quit.

During the following years we dyed the eggs, ate the candy in the Easter baskets, went to church and then to my brother’s for Easter dinner. The kids had a great time with the annual Easter egg hunt, playing games and enjoying the feast we had for dinner. That too came to an end so now my daughter has taken over having us for Easter. We don’t do Easter baskets any more because everyone is on a diet and we don’t go to church. We celebrate this special day in our own ways but always together at some point.

IMG_0997   IMG_1001  IMG_1048 
IMG_1039  My hams never turned out like that. IMG_1047  Hubby helping :)
I brought treats. Although no one had to hunt for them.
IMG_0984  They are really candy.  IMG_0991    IMG_0992
And then there was a lot of fun.
IMG_1014  IMG_1038  IMG_1019
I think they like these kind of Easter pictures better. Even the runaway!
IMG_1025 Hmmm…IMG_1011   IMG_1043  Wow! Poor Jersey. Another who doesn’t like Easter pictures. She’ll learn.

We shared our nice day with my daughter’s roommate’s family and will do so again this year. I guess our antics weren’t enough to drive them away.

IMG_1052  IMG_1053  IMG_1050
Dinner was great and exciting. IMG_1048  Then it was time to just relax for awhile before calling it a day.

There was only one who was happy to see us all go. IMG_1051  At last!

As I said in the beginning, I love the preparations for this holiday so I thought I’d share some ideas with you.

Bouquet Easter Card zazzle_card
Bouquet Easter Card by Firecrackinmama

Easter Eggs - Postage zazzle_stamp
Easter Eggs - Postage by OlgasArt
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For now have a Firecrackin Great Sunday!!