Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Made In America

I always love buying “Made In America” products but they sure are hard to find. Ever since ABC’s Nightly News started their series on buying American made products more people are more conscientious with their purchases.  I’m now particularly happy since Zazzle began their Rickshaw product lines because their merchandise is completely made in the USA. Shortly after adding the Rickshaw line Zazzle added the Liberty Water Bottles which are completely American made as well. I’m one Boomin happy Firecrackinmama!
I am quite impressed with the Rickshaw Messenger Bags and have started designing some of my own.

white_roses_on_white_rickshaw_messenger_bag-rad1f3313ab4a43129e1ddfac42b13c86_2iknu_325 foil_spiral_rickshaw_messenger_bag-rb5d5260fdc954bab9342f95a5d6b6204_2iycu_325 colorful_foils_rickshaw_messenger_bag-r5e0078b3a19542689442c00f18dae1a2_2ibfx_325 
I think I’m definitely going to order one. It’s made of polyester with the options to add accessories inside. Not only is it handmade but it’s water resistant and light weight. By the time I add everything to my pocketbook it’s pretty heavy. If you’re thinking of giving a gift to someone who seems to have everything, you might want to consider this item.
Then I started playing with the new Liberty Water Bottles. They are made from 100% recycled aluminum and are 100% BPA free. There are thirteen colors and two sizes to select and customize. Zazzle is really loaded with talented designers. Below are just a few of the bottles you’ll find on the site. Oh, and they’re dishwasher safe!!
dirty_vintage_uk_liberty_bottle-rc9f344b794a8472fb23e2dc28ca4f0ae_26qsq_325 barista_coffee_lover_liberty_bottle-r36f23602c4a3492082f22b5ee6c0b736_26qcy_325 aloha_liberty_bottle-rdbc1dcdd18524a408ba8073b8bd09027_26qsp_325 
irish_drinking_team_liberty_bottle-rae3bf1484baf456eb009ada1a822e8a8_26qcy_325 funky_blue_abstract_personalized_water_bottle_liberty_bottle-r0cbf85e94b0740269e62ae132088a96a_26qsq_325 32oz_american_flag_bottle_liberty_bottle-r39c7affe1dfa4684b6ff95e9a0a50751_26qdc_325 
These look as though they should be fun to make. If you’d like to try your hand at head on over to: Liberty Bottles!
I also mentioned the new Rickshaw folios. Their description says it all.
“Daily excursions about the city, an adventurous jaunt overseas, or the next board meeting – organize your digital and analog life with the custom Rickshaw Folio! Designed with pockets for your smart phones (large only), pens, highlighters, and even a Moleskine Journal, it’s the perfect companion for your busy day. Made with rugged 100% Cordura® nylon, the Rickshaw Folio is an ultra-protective way to display your custom artwork, text, or photos.”
I haven’t even had time to start working on these but I will get to them. Here again are just some of the many already designed.
eiffel_tower_in_paris_rickshaw_folio-r6a88cfa27dae4d7aa373499bd4d1eaf7_2izym_325 (1) elegant_and_modern_planner_design_rickshaw_folio-r0b64bb7a89b946f797a6f53ec8939ba9_2i6o3_325 wedding_planner_rickshaw_folio-r26050f82ec2f495bb1759518cdb3b007_2izyl_325 
I guess I’ll be really busy within the next couple of weeks trying to catch up to everyone else.
For now have a Firecrackin Great Day!