Monday, July 4, 2011

An Austrian Walk About Part V

Other then missing my husband, kids and mother, I miss not having my coffee first thing when I wake up. The breakfast doesn't start until 6:00 am and as those of you who know me, I like to get up early. Here however there is no air conditioning thus you sleep with your screen-less windows opened. This enhances the 4:30 am bird concert which is initiated by this one particular bird. I haven't been able to locate it's position yet, but if I do... While being away even 4:30 am is a bit early - since I can't get my coffee.

The early call yesterday by the chorus of birds gave me ample opportunity to shower and be ready for the 6:00 am opening of breakfast. I was ready! As the greatly anticipated hour approached I thought I'd be nice and give them an additional agonizing fifteen minutes. However when that minute hand hit the three, I was out the door. Although I wanted to run, I managed to control myself and quietly pass through the halls and closed off sections. I tip-toed down the steps so the rest of the patrons could continue with their sleep. I rounded the last few steps with my mouth watering because of the excitement of my first sip of coffee for the day. As I came off the last step and came face to face with the entrance, I found the bread and bagel delivery box sitting in front of a big locked wooden door. No one was there! It wasn't open yet! How could this be?

I know those of you out there who require coffee in the morning can empathize with how I felt. I slowly turned and climbed the stairs back to my room to wait once more for my morning cup of joe. Now here it is 6:15 am this day and I 'm hoping for better luck because I'm coming back to tell you about our adventures from yesterday.

I'm one happy Blogger! Coffee was ready and I have managed to secure a cup right next to me. So back to our Austrian Walk About.

The rain was gone. There were some clouds but it appeared as though the sun was going to burn them off. Therefore it was a go to visit the Hohensalzburg Fortress. As I mentioned in my previous Blog my niece and nephew had followed a path that pretty much took them up the mountain to the fortress. We agreed to take the car up and come down via their path.

We hiked from our hotel into town towards this steep ride. When I was a kid I could climb trees without the height having an effect on me. As I've gotten older I have found that I have great difficulty with height. Therefore my anxiety level was quickly maxing out.

Passengers stand in the car as it ascends or descends. When we boarded to go up we entered the very back car so we could watch below. Fortunately there were steps that separated landings within the car. Therefore I didn't stand I sat down on the step with a bird's eye view of what was behind us.

Midway up.

Almost there.

We're there. The doors opened onto a very steep staircase. Now I know I'm getting old but I felt like a really old lady tentatively making my way across the step to grab hold of the railing. I made it though and believe me I was glad we were walking down. That is until we started walking down but that's later.

That's the midway point from the top. I have a picture from down there too.

Once within the fortress the scenery was breath taking.

The Alps.

These images were from the first level of the fortress. We then climbed more steps to enter the fortress itself which appears to have been a miniature city within the walls.

The view from the landing.

We separated after that. I wandered around within the confines finding many areas to take pictures of the magnificent scenery.

Have to have canons if it's a fortress.

The fortress is now a tourist attraction with places to eat and of course a souvenir store. The tours are free to go up into the square tower. I thought about going but the line was long and I didn't know how long it was. Therefore I continued to explore.

I happened into this room displaying recent excavations which is actually a cemetery. At the time of the visit I noted what graves were identified but being old and not writing it down and of course not having a brochure - I don't know now who is there.

Like any well built fortress high above a city, this one had archways leading out into observation areas.

I moved on from this location to another that overlooked the market area we had visited the previous day. I believe in my Blog that I described this particular square as a game square. It was where we saw the real life chess game and the guy sitting suspended in air. Today something different. Some guy was standing on this gigantic gold ball.

I had to use my telephoto lens to get this picture from way up where we were.

Strolling to another corner I decided to take one last picture of this restaurant nestled in the corner of the fortress. It looked very nice and of course had a very nice view.

We all finally met up and it was time to descend the mountain. The kids, during their path exploration, had located a place to eat lunch. It too sat at the edge of the mountain with a beautiful view.

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For now have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

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