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An Austrian Walk About Part IV

Once I was safely down the steps and had caught my breath, we set off for the Mirabell Palace and gardens. It was absolutely beautiful. The pictures do it no justice at all.

I was already very impressed with this entrance to the gardens but even more so when I saw this:

We walked on through the gardens coming across one of my niece's favorite flower, hydrangeas. They seem to be a very popular flower in Salzburg.

Here's a picture of a flower my mother would like. I don't know the name of it but it sure is pretty.

By this time we were worn out so it was time to head out for the Augustine Beer Hall. We exited the garden through a back archway landing us in another square, where what should we behold, but of course a life size game of chess.

Almost immediately past the game we saw a guy sitting suspended in air except for one leg of a chair. I guess I should have captured that but it was too easy to see how he was pulling it off. So we continued on our way. Hunger and thirst were beckoning us.

The Augustine Beer Hall was quite an experience especially when you are the foreigner. As we walked in we couldn't help but notice shelves of medium and large beer steins. Customers were selecting a stein and heading over to a fountain spewing water. They rinsed their mugs, moved to a cashier then to the brewmeister to fill their steins.

There were several large rooms in which you could sit. We naturally selected the non-smoking area then set out to get our beer. There were no servers except those that refilled your steins. Once we were settled we moved back out into the corridors that housed several food vendors and selected our meals. It was a nice eating experience.

From the beer hall it was back to our hotel. We walked the narrow streets

until we were comfortably situated. My sister-in-law, nieces and nephew were moved to another area in the hotel. Their rooms opened into a common area which made it nice.

Their rooms weren't bad either.

So that ended a very long day.

On Sunday everything, or almost everything, is closed. That included the restaurant within our hotel. Therefore my sister-in-law, nieces, and nephew scouted for a place to have dinner after their attendance in church. Since it was raining and I was tired I spent any of my time out of my room at the hospital which was very nice. My brother is recovering well and the nurses are wonderful.

After our evening visit with my brother we set out to have dinner at a place called Saran's. It provided Indian food, Austrian cuisine, and a bit of Italian. Each of us order something different and even had some dessert which we shared.

Our walk back to the hotel this evening was rather beautiful. The sun was just setting and the lights of the businesses reflected off the wet bricks making the entire area rather picturesque.

I started to catch up with them however my youngest niece stopped me to show me what she had found. It was a well right in the middle of the square.

It had only a waist high fence around it. If you fell in there you would know how it feels to be flushed down a toilet.

She and I were then bringing up the rear. Karen has taken a photography class or classes and is very good at capturing images. We had seen this fortress like structure above us most of the day. Now the lights illuminating it at dusk made the structure even more picturesque. So I tried my hand at capturing it.

If you look to the right above the buildings, you'll see what we thought might be tracks for a car to transport people and/or supplies up and down the mountain. Karen and I decided to get an even closer look at this structure to determine if in fact it might be a fortress of some kind. I then
pulled the long lens out to help us make that determination. I attempted two or three times to get a close up of the building but even with the gadget on the lens that is to help prevent blurred images because of shaking didn't help. So I handed the camera over to Karen and

How about that? Not bad but it looks more like someone's rich home sitting in a location with probably the best view of Salzburg.

As Karen and I made our way back to the hotel we discussed our plans for the next day which was supposed to be a nice day. Our intentions therefore were to visit the Hohensalzburg Fortress. It sits way, way up on top of a mountain. Her brother had pointed it out to me earlier in the day.
If you look to the right above the buildings, you'll see tracks for a car to transport people up and down the mountain. I don't think the picture illustrates the forty-five degree angle the car takes.

We should be able to get some awesome pictures of Salzburg when we get up there. Our plan is to put together a very nice slide show for my brother. I figure we have until Thursday when he'll feel more like viewing it.

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