Friday, July 1, 2011

An Austrian Walk About Part II

The last time I crossed the pond was in 1983 when hubby took me on a business trip. At that time we were with a group with an agenda. This time I was left to my own resources communicating and finding my way. Now I was gearing up for an Austrian Walk About. My nieces, nephew and sister-in-law wanted to rent bikes and tour. I know my limitations. Walking is just fine with me. With my street sight seeing map in hand and a suggested route marked out by my sister-in-law, I set off to explore.

Hubby would tell you that even with a map I could get lost. Undoubtedly if he is driving and asks which way he should turn, 99% of the time he'll turn the way I suggested and then ask himself why he listened to me. So a walk about by myself would be an adventure in itself.

I started off pretty well locating landmarks suggested by my sister-in-law. The only initial problems I had were to keep myself from getting run over by a bicycle and cross the street when the green pedestrian light and bell rang before it turned red again. They actually have a pedestrian lane, bicycle lane and of course the car lanes. God forbid you walk in a bicycle lane! I was getting pretty good at crossing the roads when the green icon and bell rang. It was those little side streets that were almost a killer. One time I started to take a step into the crossing path and almost caused an accident between a police car and another car preparing to turn. They slammed on their brakes and kindly waited for me to shuffle across.

To really get into the city I was directed to cut through a tunnel. As I approached the entrance and saw how fast the cars were traveling and how narrow it was, I became concerned about how narrow a walk space I'd have.

As I stood there pretending to take pictures and decide whether it was worth my life, I happened to see the regulars walking in mass down another path. So, hey, when in Rome... I followed them and of course there was a pedestrian lane and a bicycle lane. It's a good thing they have pictures drawn on the pavement because I sure can't read their language.

It wasn't a bad walk at all and look what I saw when I came out!

According to my map that's the Horse Pond. I think that's a good name for it. I continued on finding the streets to be very interesting.


As I walked through this shopping area I learned that there are no big Austrian women. Nope these shops cater to the small petite tourists. There were of course other interesting shops.

As time neared to visit my brother in the hospital, I set out on a return trip. It was actually a very easy walk back. I didn't get lost once. However it did take more time than I thought so I continued past where we were staying and walked on to the hospital.

I had noticed this the day before

and immediately realized I hadn't gotten anything for my brother. Actually he was in no mood to receive anything. So I did the next best thing. I took out my camera and proceeded to show him my pictures of the city. He pretended to be interested but was really too tired to care.

The bypass surgery was scheduled for the next day I think. Right now I don't even know what day it is and am living in two time zones: home and here. However I can say he did very well with the quadruple bypass and is now in recovery mode.

Meanwhile during our off hours my sister-in-law, nieces, nephew and myself continue to take walk abouts. Over the next couple of days we cross the bridges, climb century old steps way up in a mountain and end up in the Augustine Beer Hall :) Now the beer hall was another totally new experience and across from the hospital. As for climbing the century old steps to catch the view some monks had, it could easily be a killer. I voted for oxygen to go up and a toboggan to go down.

Firecrackinmama's World: An Austrian Walk About Part I

For now have a Firecrackin Good Day!

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