Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hot Date Turned Into A Wet Night

Wow! That should have some people read this Blog!

When our kids were young date nights were far and few between. Now that my mother is living with us date nights are still far and few between. Therefore we try to take advantage of Thursdays because my brother takes my mother to the hairdresser's and she usually doesn't get home until around 8 p.m. So last Thursday night was a date night to the Phillies game.

I had been looking forward to the outing as I hadn't been to any games up until that point. Have to say I've been very comfortable watching them on the TV because the games have been pretty boring to say the least and the refrig is not so far away. However I was still anxious to go.

Just to put you somewhat in my frame of mind I'd like to share that for the third time that we have lived in our house, I have resurrected our lawn. That means endless hours seeding, fertilizing and combing those fine green hairs that make your house look wonderful. It also means hours of sweating, aching and exhaustion. Fortunately we had some pretty good rains in April and the middle of May and the lawn looked beautiful. It was certainly rebounding. I figured we could enjoy it until July - NOT! Nope, we went into a longggggg dry spell. It hadn't rained for three weeks, the lawn was burned and of course it was getting verrrryyyyy hot and humid! Ah, nothing like living in New Jersey.

One other thing you'll need to understand is that I refuse to go to ball games if there's a threat of rain. No, I'm not afraid of bad hair, nor that I might melt. I hate it when people put their umbrellas up in front of you. Not only do they prevent you from seeing the field but the water drips off and onto my lap. Buy a poncho! It's my belief that umbrellas are a weapon and should not be permitted in the ball park.

Now that you understand me a bit more, you can understand that this date night to the ball game was very welcomed. We watched the weather - Action Weather on ABC channel 6 - and all day they said we shouldn't have any rain. That the pop-up storms would most likely travel north and west of the city - Great! However it was to be the hottest day of the year - 99 degrees with of course the humidity in which it will feel like its over 100 degrees.

I could live with the heat for a night out. So off we went to the game. The crowd took longer than usual to gather. Maybe because it was so hot but we didn't care. We didn't have to wait in line at Harry K's. The food isn't great and it's expensive, but we had seats by the railing and watched the Cubs' batting practice. The atmosphere was perfect.

This year our seats are in a different section and up higher - just barely under the overhang. They were ok, closer to third base. Once we were settled out came my camera.

We were almost directly across from the bull pen. Hubby had given me a telephoto lens so I was able to capture this shot. We could not believe how great this lens was.

Shortly after taking out seats, which wasn't bad early on because virtually no one was around us, pre-game activities began. Fans started dribbling in and the stands filled up. Needless to say the heat became more intense. Hubby and I determined it wasn't so much the weather heat but more body heat. If you've never been to a game let me just say there isn't much room between seats. As a matter of fact the only thing that separates the seats is one lonely very thin arm rest. Hey, who cares though. You are among happy, fun loving and enthusiastic fans having a good time. Oh, and the best yet - the Phillies' Phanatic!

He is sooooooo funny! I love the Phanatic probably more than kids.

The last picture was as Dan Baker introduced Dominic Brown in the line-up. He's the baby on the team.

Then the game finally began with Kendrick pitching and pretty much the regular team behind him. I think Ruiz was the only one missing. Kendrick did well which was a highlight considering his past starts. Not only that but the bats were swinging the first three innings with Rollins hitting a 3 run homerun! If you have been keeping track that's within the high average range of the runs the Phillies have been scoring a whole game over the past couple of months. Hubby and I looked at each other and hoped we had not seen the last of the action.

As we enjoyed this great moment and watched the bell ring in celebration, I noticed the sky was getting really dark back behind us. I pointed it out to hubby but didn't think too much of it at that time. However it didn't take long for the darkness to slowly creep further in and over the ballpark.

It was getting down right ugly and it wasn't just that it was getting dark time wise. They were clouds! As the wind picked up and the crowd started realizing a storm was moving in, a big gust of wind blew across right field kicking up the dirt in a funnel like manner. The strangest part was the umpire kept the game going while the players were becoming very antsy. It wasn't until the ground supervisor came out and told the ump he better cut the inning short that the game was stopped.

With that the tarp was rolled out onto the field. The fans were cheering because even though it appeared it was going to downpour any moment, there wasn't even a drop. The wind though really picked up. Hubby commented that we must really be in for a big storm as the grounds keeper were trying to stake the tarp down but it kept blowing up.

It was so bad that it looked like a John Deere dealership out on the field. I think they finally needed nine vehicles to hold the tarp in place.

The tarp was finally secured and the grounds keepers left the field. Fans remained in their seats as the only thing that was happening was the sky getting darker and more threatening. There wasn't any thunder or lightning. As a matter of fact I think everyone thought the storm was going to bypass the city.

Isn't that wild looking??!!

Now look at these -

And that is not night time -

Again that's not night time. The flags are blowing straight out. There is no rain. There is no lightning or thunder. We had never seen anything like this.


I love our seats! If we were one more row down - we'd be soaked and I might have melted.

Notice it was raining so hard that you could no longer see the flags blowing straight out into right field.

I am so glad we didn't have to squeeze into the crowd up under the decks. That would have definitely caused a claustrophobic attack.

The rain delay was about 45 minutes. Hubby got after me because I didn't take pictures of the grounds crew removing the tarp. I was too busy laughing and commenting on the procedure they used. There were perhaps 9-12 guys out there with large brooms sweeping the large puddles of water off the tarp. Of course I understood that was necessary before rolling it up but brooms!! What about a very large wet-vac?

Anyway the game finally resumed. Kendrick was no longer pitching. It became a bull pen duel between the two teams. Also the Cubs tied the score. So we left at 10 p.m. after the fourth inning I think. I had to go to work the next day, the Phillies had reached their average runs early on and hubby was tired from his hard day at work. We got home in time to pick up pretty much where we had left off. Only I was very comfortable in the air conditioning and recliner.

As usual hubby provided another exciting, memorable and unique date. No wonder I married him.

Now this business man's special below was a great game to see. The weather was perfect and so was the game. The Phillies won!

For now have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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Jasmine said...

Haha, very entertaining. I hadn't been to a baseball game in forever, and I finally went to one on the 23rd of May. We were supposed to get rain, but it cleared up for us, thankfully. Here's my post with the photo from our seats:

It ended up being a nice night, despite the fact we were seated next to the most awful woman ever and we left our seats to watch the game somewhere else.

Glad you had a great time! :]