Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Real Apple Cider

There is nothing like real apple cider fresh from the mill. We once had a cider mill right down the road but because of federal regulations etc. it closed down years ago. However this past weekend we visited what has been said to be the only steam powered cider mill in America. It is also the longest continuous producer of hard cider in America.

B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill

We visited two times. Above is their store where they sell the apple cider, homemade donuts, pumpkin breads and of course apple turnovers. Within the aisles are various packaged food items that you won't find in the grocery store along with multiple gift items.

The first time we visited it was not very crowded. However the second time we had to park out on the side of the road. We found that porch full of people sitting in chairs casually sipping apple cider as they chatted with friends, kids or strangers. Over where the ramp lies was the line for hard cider or apple wine tasting. I was in that line the second time.

The real hard cider though was sold over behind the mill below.

Unfortunately we were not able to see the mill in action as it was closed for cleaning. We did get to peek inside though.

They produce a lot of apple cider, hard cider and apple wines!

We squeezed in the store after my wine tasting event. The first trip I bought sight untasted the Lucky Lion Apple Wine.

So during the wine tasting I made sure I had a taste. Ooops, I think it was a bit tart. I'll have to open it and make sure my taste buds were off. :)

Even better during the taste testing was the warmed Spiced Apple Wine - yummmmm. So of course I bought a couple of bottles. I think I'll save that for Thanksgiving. Or maybe I'll save it for our first fire which I hope will be before Thanksgiving!

In between our two trips to the cider mill we did visit both Old Mystic and Mystic Seaport. You can read all about that in my next Blog.

For now have a Firecrackin Great Day!!!

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