Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mystic Seaport Now and Then

As I mentioned in my last Blog, I found the pictures we had taken 38 years ago. They of course had lost quite a bit of color and some were so dark that you couldn't see what was there. I love Photoshop! I was able to bring most of them back to a satisfactory state.

On our second day in Mystic the rain and clouds had disappeared. It was a beautiful day, somewhat cool but not uncomfortable. Again we had a late start to the day so our destination was for the main parking lot across from one of the restaurants we had seen, The Latitude.

However on our way we pulled off the road into the parking lot of a small restaurant called The Kitchen or something like that. The view was spectacular. I think we might have been there before that was ever built or it's lost in memory. Take a look.



After admiring the beauty of the foliage we resumed our trek. The Latitude restaurant was a nice place. A little more upgrade than the Ancient Mariner as you can see below.

Relax you won't see any food porn pictures here. Not to say the food wasn't good but let's just say I ordered a lobster roll again. It turns out it was a lobster salad and I couldn't tell if it was real lobster or that fake stuff flavored. Hubby said his clam chowder was good. While we were eating a wedding party came in for their reception.

We headed out to find the entrance into the Mystic Seaport Museum. Turns out it was several blocks down from the restaurant and parking lot.



I'd say Mystic Seaport has come a long way to encourage tourism. Oh, and did I mention there is a cost factor involved. I can't recall if we had to pay back in '72. In the reception building we were provided a colorful map with identifiable exhibits of importance.

Once on the other side of this indoor/outdoor museum we headed for the Morgan whaling ship that has been in dry dock since 1972 or '73. I thought back in '72 that we had toured it while it was still in the water. Evidently not.

The exhibit of wood being used in the renovation of the ship below was very interesting.

Aboard the ship we wandered around for a bit then returned to the entrance level. A museum staff member provided more insight as to methods and procedures that were used to catch and store the whales.

The Crew's Quarters

Below deck

Perhaps the most interesting thing I learned was that sea worms feasted on the wooden bottom of the ships. Never even knew there were sea worms. See that's why I really don't like the ocean - no one ever knows what lies beneath the surface.

We left the Morgan to see what else was still left over from 1972 and what was new. It was a beautiful sunny day, not too cold and not too hot. There were dirt roads that weaved throughout the village and a horse and buggy ride was available. We walked.

As we passed one of the ship building buildings we saw something from the past.

We rounded the building and in the distance we saw a familiar sight, the L.A. Dunton tall ship. Now I do remember seeing that 38 years ago. I'm wondering however if the sea worms have gotten to it's hull and they've had to fix it.

It was a beautiful sight. We boarded and walked around for a few minutes then back onto the path along the river.

Then we came upon one of my favorite pictures.

To me that image truly represents a New England seaport.

We ended our day with two last stops. Note the change in this re-visited sight.



Our parting scene.

It was a wonderful weekend trip.

Oh, and you might ask what did we do at night. Hmm...something they didn't have 38 years ago. We visited the casinos and yes we won enough to play but not enough to bring any money home. Breaking even isn't all that bad especially when you're having fun.
Mystic Seaport 2011 calendar
Mystic Seaport 2011 by Firecrackinmama
Calendars are 50% off now. Naturally I had to buy one of Mystic Seaport and have it hanging right next to me.

Then with such a beautiful image of the tall ship I had to design an iPad cover.

Off to do more with my images.

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!!

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