Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mystic Seaport 38 Years Later

For my birthday hubby decided to give me a weekend getaway to a place we visited 38 years ago, Mystic Seaport. Talk about changing. Not only have we changed but Mystic Seaport ain't what it used to be either. Like where's the sign?

I kept looking for the sign but...

we never found it.

For those who are not familiar with Mystic Seaport the settlers found a proverbial seaport gold mine there. The good wood, sheltered water and flat land made it ideal for shipbuilding. Two ship yards from the 1800's operated on the present museum site. Shipbuilding waned however in the 1880's leading to the rise oof textile mills and other manufacturing. The acres that are now Mystic Seaport only had a row of houses along Greenmanville Avenue and a few shipyard and mill buildings.

The Mystic Seaport Museum itself was founded in 1929 to actively pursue the collection, preservation and exhibition of artifacts and skills related to maritime history and its influence on American life. It is privately operated through a non-profit organization. Hubby was first introduced to the vacation spot by his family.

Anyhow we escaped to Mystic for a weekend and had a fabulous time. Hubby had planned everything. It rained the whole trip up to Mystic making our trip through New York a hairy adventure. However once we arrived at our destination the rain had subsided quite a bit.

We stayed at a Marriott Residential Hotel/Motel that was right in between Mystic Seaport and Old Mystic. Wow, what a great place to stay. I always get up before hubby and love to have my coffee and check out my online adventures. However when we stay in a motel I have to be extremely quiet and utilize my night vision so as not to wake or disturb him. Well, take a look at our digs here.

Not too shabby eh? There was even a flat screen TV in the bedroom. After soaking in our accommodations and cleaning up a bit we took off on our first stop. You can read about it at:

Our day wasn't over after the cider mill, not by a long shot. Hubby had planned for us to visit the Foxwood Casino. He had shown me pictures of the place which were absolutely beautiful. We had two sets of directions: those from Mapquest and of course my GDS. We used the GDS. Maybe we should have used the Mapquest. Talk about hilly narrow back roads. Well, you haven't seen anything like that until you travel these Connecticut roads. We found Foxwood out in the middle of nowhere. It was grandiose that's for sure.

We went in and got our cards without any problems. Since we were hungry and Hardrock was right in front of us, we ate there. After that we pursued our dreams of winning. Well, at least one of us won :). I even won enough so that we could return the next night and play at the MGM Grand!

Our next day we headed to Old Mystic. The rain was gone but not the clouds. Since we didn't get off until around noon, we looked for some place to eat lunch. Oh, I forgot we had homemade cider donuts for breakfast. Somehow we lucked out and pulled right into the only gigantic parking lot in town. The man at the toll house recommended a place right around the corner to eat.

Being in New England there was only one food on my mind, lobster. It was a cozy place and the atmosphere was definitely seafare.

We sat by the front window and watched as people passed. While I was set on having lobster, hubby was set on having clam chowder. The food was delicious and pleasantly served. Take a gander at this food porn.
Hubby said it was delicious. I ordered a lobster roll for lunch but clams casino for an appetizer. Oh, my mouth is watering now for some more of that.
It was every bit as good as it looks. Our entrees were excellent.
Although prime rib and garlic potatoes are an ordinary meal my lobster roll was anything but ordinary.
Real 100% lobster was in that roll. Oh, and note the malt vinegar that I was to put on my "chips". Yo, where's the ketchup. Well, you know how the saying goes, "When in Rome...". So I did when in Mystic do as the Mystic's do. I was quite surprised that the malt vinegar did enhance the taste of the "chips". The lobster roll could not have been better.

We left the Ancient Mariner to see Old Mystic. It's not really all that different from other shore towns except there were no beaches. We were both fascinated by the bridge though.
Now you don't see a bridge like that too often. Look at those concrete blocks that are lowered in order to open the bridge! We walked to the middle of the bridge to view Mystic River. Very nice.
Those are condominiums with docks and boats at the front doors. You might think you were in Venice or not.

We walked down to the end of a dock along the opposite side of the condos to get a better look at the bridge.

While standing on the dock hubby happened to see the C.W. Morgan across the water at Mystic Seaport.

Apparently the C.W. Morgan is an ancient whaling ship that has been placed in dry dock for restoration since 1973. That's only a year after our first visit. I have no memory of it at all. It's open as one of the exhibits at Mystic Seaport. You can read about our day there in my next Blog.

After doing all this walking and visiting the many stores in town hubby was ready for some dessert. He had spotted this place and pointed it out to me right before we crossed the bridge.

Obviously this time of year it was not crowded. We went in to order but the flavors listed made it difficult to decide.
We finally placed our orders and promptly entered into conversation about making homemade ice cream. The owner was very nice. He doesn't use eggs in his ice cream. We still aren't sure what he does use in place of them. The ice cream is made right there on the premises. Now I know I'm going to get this wrong but I believe he said he might make up to 160 gallons of ice cream a week or was it a day during the summer. I'm sure hubby will set me straight on this and I'll have to re-visit my Blog to correct the statistics. Anyhow he makes a lot. I was going to try and persuade the owner to show us where he made the ice cream but more customers came in.

We finished our ice cream and headed on back towards the parking lot. Right before we turned down the street to the lot hubby spotted:

Mystic Pizza

That night we headed back to the MGM Grand at Foxwoods. It was another good night for me and hubby didn't do that bad either.

Tomorrow is Mystic Seaport.

We got some great pictures while we were there. So when I got home I searched through our many albums to see what pictures we had taken 38 years ago. You may be surprised.

This was one of our recent pictures that I really like.

For now have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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