Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well, I Didn't Win A Million Dollars...

but I did win enough for all of us to have a good time!

Since I just entered a new decade of my life, I wanted to really celebrate, and celebrate we did! The plan was for the family to meet at the Borgada and have dinner after spending a bit of time playing. After all it never hurts to hope and think you just might be at the right place, at the right time and win that million dollars.

I had made my party plans well known in advance of the big day; and because it was my party, I wanted to be sure everyone had fun. Prior to leaving for the shore I made up favors for each one of my guests, little bags of money.The kids didn't have extra cash to throw away. Neither did I, but heck, I would have had to spend it on something, why not on a priceless memory?

My oldest daughter and I arrived at the Borgada first. We only played the penny or nickel slots in hopes of stretching our money. We have never won the jackpot because we never play the max number. However on that special day of mine, I did play the max and won, not the jackpot but enough. I shared my money with my daughter because it seemed any machine I sat at, I won!

Next to arrive was the youngest daughter. We greeted her and I happily fed her some money. The three of us wandered a bit and finally settled at a row of penny slots. It must have been her lucky day too as she instantly began to win. I did too but not the oldest. I continued to share as I was sure her luck had to change.

A short time later my son showed up. My oldest daughter located him and led him to where we were sitting. I was still raking in small amounts so I shared with him. He found a machine and, yes, he won too. The last to arrive were my hubby and my oldest daughter's friend.

We had about an hour or so before we were to meet at Wolfgang Puck's for dinner. So I gathered everyone together and gave out my favors. Needless to say all were happy. I continued to play and win a little bit here and there. It was great playing on Borgada's money. As I continued to find lucky machines each one of the kids found me and proudly boasted that they too were winning - even my oldest daughter was winning.

At 7:15 p.m. we met outside Wolfgang Puck's. Since I had called and made reservations, we were ushered right into the dining area.

The reservations were a whole different story. My oldest daughter and I had eaten in the tavern section of Wolfgang Puck's last year on our yearly trip to the NJEA Teacher's Convention and the food was great. So I thought eating in the restaurant would be a nice ending to a nice day. Therefore early in the morning, before the sun peeked over the horizon, I called to make the reservations. Catch this, they take reservations with a credit card. That's ok, however if you cancel or don't show up, they still charge $25.00 a person. Guess they've been had more than a few times. Once the reservations were set, hubby asked if I had reviewed the menu. Of course not, the tavern food was good... Well, lo and behold, there were some different and questionable items that may not have fit the taste of our group, but...

Click on the menu to read it.

During the day the kids reviewed it and thought they saw things on the menu that looked good which was good to hear.

We sat at a big round table and eagerly shared our stories of winning. Poor hubby he said he did all right but needed more time. :) I really knew he didn't want to spend the money.

We had a great view of the dining area.

I can't say it was really crowded but it was buzzing. I love eating experiences because every time we all go out it is truly an eating experience. Our waiter eventually made his way to our big table to inquire about drinks. We all passed on appetizers as they appeared to be as expensive as the entrees, minus about five dollars. The real reason though was that we didn't want to over eat.

Our drinks were served and we placed our orders. I would say that occurred within a timely fashion. We sat and chatted about our various days and other miscellaneous things while awaiting our dinners. Then we sat some more and waited for our dinners. Then we sat some more and waited for our dinners. Finally the person who re-fills the water glasses came by for a third time. I grabbed her to ask for another glass of wine. The youngest daughter reprimanded me for asking her - heck I knew not to ask her but our waiter was flitting passed our table ignoring us completely.

The waiter must have seen me summon her for the wine as he stopped and said he would get me another glass. Since I had his attention, everyone else ordered up a second. The drinks didn't take too long to come. We sat and sipped and talked again still awaiting the arrival of our dinners. Then we sat some more awaiting the arrival of our dinners. As I sat now I noticed that at least four turn overs of two and four people at various tables had occurred while we sat awaiting our dinner. Oh, and there was this one table of three who must have been high rollers or of some high standing as the chef, managers and our waiter did everything but kiss their ring fingers.

Finally around 8:45 pm, the waiter stopped by our table again with his hand over his heart feigning that he wasn't sure if he had taken our dinner orders. However he had just checked in the kitchen and found that he had so our dinners would be right out. Anyone who knows me, knows that I was steaming.

Dinners were served and we all enjoyed our meals. By this time our conversations had moved to the comparison of this eating experience with our other eating experiences. Only one other time did we have such poor service but that was not a restaurant as exclusive as Wolfgang Puck's.

Eventually the dirty dishes were removed and our waiter made another rare visit inquiring about dessert. Since it was my birthday we definitely made sure we had room for dessert. We reviewed the sweet menu and placed our orders. The restaurant was clearing out so we received a bit more attention.

Check this out:

Caramelized Banana Cream Pie

Oh, that was so good. Then the waiter brought the bill. The kids looked at him strangely as they had to remind him that he had forgotten something. By this time I had had it with the waiter. To me he didn't deserve a tip.

As hubby reviewed the bill the waiter returned with:

The chocolate was delicious and helped to temper my temper. Oh, and hubby of course gave him the appropriate tip as we paid with my credit card.

Just another priceless eating experience.

Good things always come out of bad things and really the dining experience was suffered in good company. By the time we left Wolfgang Puck's it was 10:00 pm and we all had to work the next day. So we all left winners.

I selected the Borgada for my big day as it reminds me the most of Las Vegas. We all left together happy to have been together. What more could I have asked for?

Thank you to my co-workers who gave me the above flowers and to everyone who made my entrance into my next decade a happy and memorable occasion!

By the way the party didn't stop here...