Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ok, We Had Air Conditioning - They Didn't!

Ah, I must really be on summer break because the urge to Blog once more has returned and of course we went on vacation. I've noticed that our vacations are like our eating out - always an experience. This year our vacation experience led us to Williamsburg, VA, once more. I should mention it was not just hot, it was oppressively hot.

I guess you could say we are creatures of vacational (newly developed word by you know who) habits as we even stayed where we always do at the Woodlands. Or perhaps it's because my brain lacks a GPS and I get lost very easily and my family doesn't want to spend their vacation time looking for me. I have to say I do feel more comfortable staying at the same place and only having to follow the proverbial yellow brick road to the historical area. However in this case it's both paved and a wide clean dirt trail. Also if we don't feel like walking we can easily take the bus that runs in a loop around the historical area. I've gotten quite proficient at riding that too.

Upon arriving after a six hour ride, because my Magellan GPS has a mind of it's own, we easily checked in and headed off to the historical area. My son and I took the bus while the rest entered the heat tunnel and walked. The first stop was at Josiah Chownings for an early dinner and my first Mint Julep! You can read all about them in my Firecrackinmama's World: Williamsburg's Best Mint Julep. Just take a look too.

Upon eating a delicious meal and a couple of Mint Juleps, we stepped out into the furnace to mosey along the Duke of Gloucester Street in search of the next thing we wanted do. I should mention that Chownings' was air conditioned. I would have had to have more Mint Juleps if it wasn't. By the way did the Colonials have ice or drink their Mint Juleps warm? Oh, what an awful thought.

As we slowly strolled along we noticed that there weren't as many people as we've seen before. We couldn't help but think it was because it was so late in the day. Then we had to think it might have been because of the heat. Whatever the presence of less people made it very easy to visit various sites. The first being the Magazine and Guardhouse.

It's been a while since we've gone inside. Basically that's because so many new sites have opened and we've prioritized them to see before returning to some of the original sites. As with everything else the Magazine and guardhouse have been upgraded. We stepped inside the picketed fence. New to us was this:

It's a portable oven that was carried on a wagon during troop movement. It's basically like the wood ovens used nowadays to bake pizza. I can't even imagine trying to cook a dinner for my family let alone troops.

It was rather late in the day and we were tired so we started our hike back to the hotel. I've never documented that trek. I'm not sure why but it is a very pleasant walk.

We left the Historical area and headed down this path.

Yep, I lag behind. Overweight and dragging I still had to catch some shots as I moseyed along. On the outskirts of the main drag you'll find many interesting things. First we passed the sheep.

Then the horses that are used for the carriage rides.

As we proceeded I quickly learned that we aren't the only ones eying the animals.

Appears as though we are of as much interest to this oxen as he is to us.

You can tell you've really left the historical area when you reach the green pond.

A quick trip across the wooden bridge and through the tunnel puts you almost back at the Vistor's Center and the Woodlands.

We finally made it back and truly needed to cool off. What better way than to go to the pool. Fortunately we found a few open lounge chairs. Ah, I couldn't wait to jump in the cool refreshing water to re-energize! However to my dismay the water was bath water warm but it was still refreshing.

We settled in for the night. Meanwhile my brain was running wild with new ways to use my images in an educational manner. I've come up with a couple and have plenty more in mind.

I'm developing a variety of writing prompt cards. Students can easily make graphic organizers from the guide questions on the back of the cards.

Scuba Dog doesn't handle the heat very well. I think she's very happy to be living in the present day then in the Colonial period.

Well for now have a Firecrackin Great Sunday!!!

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