Sunday, March 7, 2010

Woodbury, NJ's Treatment of Senior Citizens-Conclusion

Well, we've come to a conclusion about who cares for Senior Citizens in Woodbury and who doesn't. In government I have to give praise to the following Mr. Fleming, Mr. Trout, Mr. Louis, Ms. Tierney, Mr. Villari and Mr. Sloane. I give a thumbs down on Mr. Riskie, I even went to school with him and my mother went to school with his father, Mr. Pottillo, and Ms. Browne. Oh, and how can I forget the Mayor, Mr. Curtis; a big thumbs down there. So this is a heads up to those politicians who ignore the elderly because I certainly plan to follow through by contacting the Senior Citizens of Woodbury.

Once the concerned responsive Council members acted the tree was put on a list to be destroyed and it was.

As you can see in the above pictures, the sewer cap is in bright green and the big nasty root is going right for it. You really can't blame the root after all there's a lot of water there, although it's nasty water.

The stump is to be removed shortly then we'll just be left to contend with the nasty roots that still think the tree is growing. Insider's trade secret-buy stock in Root Kill - we are.

So here's to a happy ending. I know there were friends behind the scene that helped as well and I know who you are. Thank you to all!

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

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