Thursday, February 18, 2010

Only View If You Have A Strong Stomach

A few days ago I wrote a Blog directed to President Obama about the sewage back-up into my 89 year old mother's home. It was a means of ridding myself of the agitation and frustration of trying to reconcile what I would perceive as a logical matter with city government. I noted that I had contacted the Robert A. Curtis, mayor of Woodbury, New Jersey, Senator Steve Sweeney and other politicians. The reality is I hadn't expected any more from them then I have received - no help and better yet no contact. Oh, that's not correct. I received an automated e-mail from Rob Andrews directing me to his achievements and Mayor Curtis punted my e-mail to the supervisor of whatever saying that guy would get back to me. Never heard from him.

Any how we have been battling with the City over a Maple tree they planted in between the curb and the sidewalk many years ago. The water seeking roots found a great home in my mother's sewer line. In this new home the roots conveniently blocked the sewer line causing the back-up into my mother's cellar, better there then in the bathroom. This occurs every six months and every time the city workers come out they poke around and say it's my mother's responsibility. She calls a plumber, he comes out and breaks up the city's tree roots and informs the city that they need to clean their street side. The city ignores their responsibility and leave.

Last week it happened again. Only this time the back-up was the worse I have ever seen and the cause is still the tree that belongs to the city. I'm not so sure what is so valuable about this tree that the city won't remove it but I'd sure like to know. Believe me my mother would remove it but she has been told that she can't because it belongs to the city. But enough of that. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Unfortunately I didn't think to snap some shots before I began but needless to say there was enough in the basement for me to photograph.

I had to resort to using kitty litter to clean up. As you can see I started here. Emptying the basement was and still is quite a challenge.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if this had happened to Mayor Curtis or anyone else on Woodbury's township committee that the tree causing this problem would be removed. They would figure some way to get around whatever it is that prevents them from protecting the normal resident. I finally was able to clean almost all of it up. I still need to go back and throw things then get a professional cleaning company to come in to finish up but if this is going to happen again what good is that. I think the City of Woodbury should pay for the clean-up and of course future clean-ups.

By the way the plumber came out yesterday. He was absolutely amazed at how the roots had covered my mother's line. He spoke to a city guy who came out. The recommendation is that we gather up the neighbors and go to the township and maybe if we all complain - forget that!

When a tree takes priority over safety issues for an 89 year old woman, I have a real problem.

For now I hope you have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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Jasmine said...

Wow. That is the most horrible thing I have ever seen or heard. I wish there was something I could do to help. That really ticks me off. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts, and please keep an update of what's going on!