Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Blizzard of 2009

In another life time when I was young, very young, it seemed to me that it snowed here in New Jersey every winter. I'm sure I'm wrong and am really only remembering the significant storms that allowed me to earn some pretty good extra money shoveling the neighbors' sidewalks. Back then people didn't have snow plows or snow blowers readily available; they didn't work seven days a week or past five o'clock; and they thoroughly enjoyed a reason to be cooped up in their houses all day. It was a time when people enjoyed life. Perhaps that sense of feeling was because I was very young in the 50's, not long after World War II and during the Korean War.

When I married and had children, hubby and I started some of our own traditions related to snow storms. We always had a fire in the fireplace and he shoveled while I made hot chocolate and meatballs and spaghetti. Obviously the hot chocolate was for after he had shoveled and on many occasions I helped. We would bundle the kids up in their snow outfits, like the kid on Christmas Story, Ralphy's brother, and take them out with us. When my oldest daughter was around three years old it snowed so deep that hubby made a snow chair for her to watch us shovel.

We've definitely had some pretty good snow storms over the years. 1996 was our turning point. Age was sneaking up on us and shoveling was becoming very difficult so we made the kids help. I mean after all why do you have kids? :) Eventually they realized that shoveling was hard labor and in an attempt to preserve their mom and dad, they bought hubby a snow blower. What a wonderful and thoughtful present - he couldn't use it until two years later - never snowed.

Hubby has used his snow blower several times now. Every year around Thanksgiving he starts it up to make sure it will work and fills the gas container. He did it this year too. However our middle child son stopped by about a week prior to our 2009 blizzard and found he had run out of gas right in front of our house. You guessed it he used the snow blower's gas! Not only that he was caught filling his tank as hubby was coming up the street just in the nick of time. That was not a good thing at all.

As the local weather stations carried the anticipated news of our most recent storm's fury, we geared up. I went to the grocery store while hubby got more gas for the snow blower. We stacked wood on the inside deck and battened down the hatches. My greatest concern was that the next day I had an appointment to have my hair done. I was determined to go as Christmas was only a week away!

I normally wake up early. I wish I could sleep in but I developed this biological clock back when the kids were young - I needed some time during the day for myself. At any rate I was once more awake very early Saturday morning. I looked out and sure enough the snow had started. The weather people had said it wasn't going to get really bad until around noon. That would give me plenty of time to get my hair done and back home. So I leisurely enjoyed my coffee while working on my mother's Christmas gift.

Around 7:30 a.m. I went for another cup of coffee and happened to look out on our back deck. It was lighter out now and I could see. It was definitely snowing and it was accumulating rather quickly. I think the storm was ahead of schedule as by 8:30 our back deck looked like this. Hmmm...

No lie - 8:30 a.m.

It was awesome. From here I took pictures throughout the day and night.

I kept watching the snow pile up on that table. Even better check this picture out.

That would be the step down to the above deck. I could barely get the door opened.

By now I was into making my rum cakes and meatballs. The fire was softly crackling and the silence the snow brings was deafening. The kids were all safe in their respective houses. It was definitely an enjoyable day.

Not too much longer after I took the above updates, the blizzard part of the storm showed it's beautiful face.

This is our neighbor's house behind us. The snow was piling up out front too.

It was absolutely beautiful. The snow was unspoiled presenting as a soft warm blanket over our small part of the world.

By now the house was filled with the aroma of rum cakes. The fire was still softly crackling and hubby and I were enjoying a totally free day.

As the afternoon moved on I decided it was time to make the meatballs. I had the blinds opened and watched the snow continue to accumulate.

It was definitely getting deeper as I had to push the snow away with the door to open it.

Our neighbors next door were as socked in as us.

Hubby and I both took naps. By the time we awoke it was time for our spaghetti and meatballs with a Caesar Salad and of course garlic bread - I had red wine too. Then it was time to check on our storm.


Had to check the front of the house too.

In case you're wondering, there are three steps that lead up to our porch. As you can see they no longer are.

The storm was still in force as we went to bed for the night. After my first sip of my morning coffee, I braved a look at what was to face us for the day.

We decided the back deck was on it's own.

The front however was another story. Hubby wanted to know if we could get the snow blower out of the house. I had to lean out the front window to take a picture.

That was enough for him to get the snow blower going and hopefully make some progress in digging us out.

Going out the front door was a different story.

No problem. I planned on shoveling the porch and steps. Why is it sometimes things just don't go as you plan? I went into the garage to get the shovels but quickly found that I had never moved them from the shed to the garage. This meant going out the back door and forging my way to the shed through the very, very deep snow :(.

Scuba dog was gung ho to help me out. It was one time I didn't have my camera as she quickly exited through her doggy door and plopped in over a foot of snow. She quickly recovered and started down where the steps once were. I think that's the only time I've ever seen her panic a bit. She went completely under but recovered quickly. I had to run and get my camera.

She saw me following her path down the steps and quickly realized I was coming into the yard. I could see it in her face - she wanted to play ball. When I finally had to blaze my own trail I found the snow came up to above my knees. All I could think was that if I lost my balance and fell, I wasn't sure I'd be able to get up again. I finally made it to the shed but opening the door was another matter. I really couldn't believe how much snow we had really gotten.

Scuba dog truly loves snow. At one point she plowed through it, her head buried beneath the snow. When she came up she was covered in white. I played ball with her. She was able to retrieve it each and every time.

Due to extreme problems this snow storm brought to our area, work was canceled for the two and a half days prior to our Christmas break. I can't remember a Christmas ever that I was so well prepared and rested.

Exactly one week after our blizzard we had over two inches of rain. Our peaceful beautiful white landscape has been washed away. However we did have a white Christmas.

For now have a Firecrackin Great Day and a Boomin Happy New Year!!!

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millhill said...

Wow...great pics of that storm! You had to do some big shoveling it seems. It's always so pretty watching it fall, then comes the backbreaking clean up.
Happy New Year!