Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Disabled Goat

I work with disabled children and am amazed at what they are able to do if given a chance. While some of the schools I visit provide more chances to do things than others all provide a social life for our students. Acceptance and friendship are difficult for the disabled. That's why it is important to remember that you can't tell a book by its cover.

As I headed out on a road trip last Wednesday to conduct a Learning Evaluation I couldn't help but reflect on a disabled goat that I had been following since it was a little thing. I named him Charlie.

Charlie 8-17-08

As you can see Charlie couldn't use his back legs. He just laid there in the side yard, a bit frightened as I approached him. The rest of the goats were milling around out in the fenced in pasture. When I first saw Charlie I was afraid the owners were going to put him down. He was so sweet.

He actually let me pet him. I left that day feeling very sad thinking I'd never see him again.

Time past and it was once more party time down at my brother's house. As always I went back to the pasture behind his house to visit with the cows/cattle and the goats. Oh, and Inky the pig. As I snapped some pictures of the cows the goats came running over. All of a sudden off in the distance I saw Charlie.

Charlie 4-12-09

He had really grown and best of all he had learned how to walk even though it was very difficult for him. Better yet Charlie was headed over to see me.

Not only was I happy to see him but take a look at his social network.

Charlie in the center of the mix

Not one of the goats picked on him. Wow!

I left that party feeling much happier but still wondering if I'd see him again. I did.

Charlie 5-31-09

Charlie after some food

See you later Charlie

I wonder what will become of Charlie. Whatever may happen at least someone gave him a chance to become all that he could be. He pulled himself up and walked with his fellow goats. He learned how to fend for himself when it came to getting food. Although he was slower and looked different he managed to become accepted within his social network. Not only were the older and younger goats patient with him but so were the cows and yes, even Inky.

Well, have a Firecrackin good day!

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Jasmine said...

That is adorable and a very touching story. Charlie is quite the handsome goat.