Saturday, October 3, 2009

Binders Or Notebooks

From the time I began school I loved buying notebooks. In the beginning they were blah, old, one color, blue and covered in a canvas type material. We would go to Woolworth's or some other 5 & 10 excitedly making our selection of pencils, pencil packs that fit inside the notebook and of course the dividers. The dividers weren't fancy like they are today either. As the school year wore on we always ended up customizing and personalizing our notebooks by scotch taping various pictures, using permanent markers or actually adding some kind of trim.

When I went to college a new type of notebook had come out. They were called "Binders", which eventually became the name for notebooks too. I truly liked these as they had plastic inserts on the front, back and spine and they came in various sizes, small, medium and large. It made it easier to customize and beautify as you could slip a printed designed image inside the openings.

I usually purchased the small or medium sizes and used multiple binders, one for each of the classes I was taking. Eventually I married and had kids. Binders had a whole new function then. One thin binder for recipes, another for keeping track of holiday card lists and memories, a thick one for photographs, and another one to keep our important papers organized. I had a coupon club for awhile so naturally I had a notebook to keep track of members, coupons and meeting notes. Hubby loved to use binders as trip planners.

By the time the kids started school binders/notebooks had become much fancier. The only problem was that most stores carried the same products so sometimes more then one child had a similar notebook. Yep, you guessed it, sometimes another kid would pick up the wrong notebook. This of course lent another excuse for lost or incomplete homework.

I also headed back to work teaching pre-algebra and basic math at a local community college. Since I had four classes, I needed four different notebooks. Eventually I went back full time teaching math classes in a public school and then started a business. I would say in short that notebooks/binders are still a big part of my daily life.

Now through Zazzle anyone can select from a variety of pre-designed binders and customize them online or even design their own from scratch.

I've done a few for now.

This particular Home Healthcare Info Binder was as a result of our recent necessity to call 911 for my mother. The EMT's needed to know extremely important information immediately and we did not have it handy. Once my mother reached the hospital there were at least five more times that we were asked for specific information that once more we didn't have readily available.

On the back of the binder is a template where immediate contacts and info can be customized on the template. I've also designed and am using the Home Healthcare Info cards. I bought the chubby cards customized with "Courtesy of" and send them along with my business cards in all my mailings, including paid bills.

Off topic again. Here are some binders that are perfect for school.

Easily customize the spine with text and add text to the cover too.

Then I decided to make a background so that images and text could be easily added to customize and personalize. I plan on making more of these available.

Finally here's one that can be customize and personalized from scratch. Once the template is opened be sure to click the binder options tab to select the size and inside color. Then click on the customize tab and add images and text within the templates. After that you'll have your own Firecrackin customized notebook, oh, I'm sorry binder!

Well, enough for now.

Have a Firecrackin great Saturday!!

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Health-care related binder great use for the new binders!