Thursday, September 3, 2009

Real Work

Yep, that horrid four letter word that takes your freedom of doing nothing, having fun, or sleeping in away from you. That four letter word that means the difference between having food on the table or not; having a roof over your head or not; and being able to go on a vacation or not. That's where I am going today - only I like my work. I am one of the lucky ones.

I know I like being out on the road and not stuck in an office all day. I also like visiting different schools and seeing their programs. Most of all I like visiting my kids and working with their parents to provide a great program in an out of district placement. Oh, and of course I like the paycheck :)

Like everyone else the kids like to be recognized for their performances in any and all areas. I've always managed to find something to give as a sign of recognition but never had the ability to actually design my own items. Within the past few weeks though I've started a line in my Firecrackinmama's Zazzle focused on education.

I'm excited about my ordered personalized Achievement cards that I can use a fine permanent marker to write in a student's name and customize the achievement. They should be coming any day now.

I also developed a template that can easily be customized. Each line is a text template so you can replace it with whatever fits your needs.

I've been rejuvenated in creating new things for education including publishing rubrics through my site. At Zazzle I've started creating all kinds of neat things for the classroom, teachers and parents (still working on all those things though).

I'm most happy with the beginning line of my classroom posters. Many more are coming within the next few weeks.

I wish I had had the GeoKites poster back when I did the Kite Task Performance Project. It was a fantastic project involving over 128 seventh and eighth grade math students. Talk about using diversified instruction, this was it in all it's glory.

Stickers are always a favorite for students. I'm in the process of designing postcard size sticker boards that specify a goal and hopefully six sticker spaces. That should be available next week. These are some of the stickers I completed. Most can be personalized or customized.

The Starburst sticker seems to be the most popular so far.

Fantastic Work Sticker sticker
Fantastic Work Sticker by Firecrackinmama

There are of course many more with more to come.

My other favorites are the Achievement cards and the Scuba Dog Series motivational cards. After I designed them I had to order some to see how well they looked - I ended up ordering a copy of each of the cards and found they came out better then I thought.

To end today's Blog I have to comment on my Home Healthcare Cards. Again I ordered a copy of each type of card. I found and revised a couple because the print on the back side of the card extended into the red line. They are fine now. In addition I ordered the double postcard size with my mother's picture and a single postcard size with her picture. They came out great! I am presently filling them in with the necessary information.

Then I ordered the 100 pack customized on the front with Courtesy of to hand out to people. I am very happy with how well they came outl!!!

Well, I'm off to my first day back at work.

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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