Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Prime Rib

Ah, it melts in your mouth. Arrangements had been made by my oldest daughter for just the five of us to go to The Prime Rib as part of the Restaurant Week of Philadelphia and of course for her birthday dinner. I've always preached to the kids that dining out should be an everlasting experience and believe me we have had plenty of those!

The beginning of the experience will be the most memorable; just trying to get to The Prime Rib during the evening rush hour. That part of the evening started with fitting five adults into one Saturn Vue, that's five big adults. We spent the better part of an hour and a half thoroughly enjoying high quality time with each other while stuck in the middle of traffic parking lots. Hubby and I were squeezed against the two back doors while our poor youngest who was between us heckled her Dad. The two kids in the front were quite comfortable in joking about our demise.

Obviously as our reservation hour of 6:00 pm neared and we had just made it over the bridge to join thousands of others going nowhere fast, hubby called the restaurant to tell them we were going to be a few minutes late. Hmm... did I say a few?

I had a chance to take a couple of pictures, basically Billy Penn from different angles.

About forty-five minutes later my eyes were greeted by

It was a wonderful sight with valet parking. We literally fell out of the car to begin our eating experience.

We were graciously welcomed and forgiven immediately for our tardiness. I think.

As a woman who prepares meals daily, I am very particular about where we sit in a restaurant. I don't want to be close to the kitchen or the server area, I don't want to be in a main aisle where everyone has to pass by your table to get to theirs and I really don't want to be seated at the first table near the entrance for a variety of reasons. I want to feel pampered and rich for an evening and not feel as though I should throw on my apron and help serve and clean up.

So when we were escorted to our table and stopped abruptly at the first one, my thoughts immediately were to ask for another seating preferably towards the back of the restaurant where it appeared to be more pleasantly atmospheric. It was away from the bar and closer to the piano. However the family sat before I had a chance to pipe my objections, hubby in a corner high-backed chair.

The hostess gladly took a picture of us all. As you can see we all sat comfortably at a well dressed table. Yep, all the good manners were to be utilized at this sitting. When I took my seat, I found I had a great view of the bar activities and I could see the Phillies on the TV. I felt right at home. I have to say the steady stream of customers passing behind me had enough room to pass without bumping me.

Our waiter was very nice and quickly arrived at our table to take our drink order. To gauge the excellence or level of eating establishments, I always order a Dubonnet with a twist. If the restaurant has it, then the establishment must be of high quality. Of course the second test is the size of the drink, the smaller the drink then I feel the establishment also takes short cuts in other places such as the food.

I was pleasantly surprised when my drink was placed carefully in front of me. Believe me it was probably the largest Dubonnet I ever received from any restaurant before. Hmm... now for the eating experience. Prior to leaving the table our waiter left the menu.

Unfortunately I took this image from The Prime Rib site and it doesn't show the recommended wines to accompany the entrees as was on the one we received at the table.

We enjoyed a few sips of our drinks before the waiter returned. I went for the Caesar Salad, thinking it would be the real McCoy with anchovies etc. I of course ordered the Prime Rib with a glass of the recommended wine and kept my eye on the Key Lime Pie for dessert. Hubby always gives me a bad time when I order beef. I don't like the blood running on my plate but I like it red and not well done. He becomes very embarrassed when I describe how I would like my order in this manner. Therefore we practiced before ordering - I wanted it medium rare.

By this time we were all having a great time and the seating was no longer a big deal to me. As I looked around the restaurant everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We enjoyed the soft music coming from the piano in the back, the various activities occurring at the bar and of course watching the Phillies take the lead. In reality we see each other almost everyday so if we had sat in the back atmospheric section of the restaurant, I think we would have been very bored.

Our salads and soup arrived first. No anchovies in my Caesar Salad but it was still good and a nice size serving, not too big and yet not to small. Dinner arrived in a timely fashion with everyone drooling over their perfectly prepared Prime Rib. I had joked earlier about the steak knives we were given prior to receiving our entrees. They were very large and heavy. I remember commenting that if we needed something that large to cut the meat then we might be in big trouble here. However that wasn't the case at all. The meat was so tender you could cut it with your fork.

We all dived into the food. I passed on the potatoes and beans because I was still thinking about dessert. However everyone else enjoyed them. As a matter of fact I couldn't finish my Prime Rib so I shared it with hubby and my son.

At last it was time for dessert. I think everyone ordered the Creme Burlee but me. That Key Lime pie was absolutely delicious. The only bad incident during this eating adventure came at the very end. I had ordered a Sambuca on the side with my coffee. That was large as well. It was almost gone when I started speaking to my son with my hands in motion. Yes, it spilled and the three layers of tablecloths would have to be replaced. I think that was more in reaction to our bill. You know those large drinks - well they equated to a very large bill.

After paying we headed on out to the street to await the arrival of our car.

We rearranged our sitting in the car making our ride home more comfortable. As we reflected on our eating experience we all agreed it was a great night out! The food was excellent, the company was great and the Phillies won.

I think hubby and I will take more interest in Restaurant Week.

Well, have a Firecrackin great Saturday!


owlspook said...

sounds as if you had a fantastic night out with the family! (big smile)... long time no see! hope all is well with you .. I've been spending most of my time at ... doing a lot of art work this last year .. keeps me busy (big smile) .. good to see you again (big smile)

Jasmine said...

Sounds like you all had a really nice time. It's been awhile since I've been out to a nice restaurant. I want prime rib now. :) Mmmmm.