Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh NO!!!

You know how some days are good and others you know as soon as you get up you should probably stay in bed? Well, yesterday was one of those days in which I should have just gone back to bed and waited for today. Fortunately it was only an annoying day in which it just seemed that I couldn't do anything right or it took extra long to do it.

I got to work early because I knew I was going to be on the road most of the day - turns out it was the whole day. Traffic was terrible, it was hot, I got home late and I had not had anything to eat. The good part was that once I did get to the schools to observe the students, I was warmly greeted and observed some good lessons, particularly the Spanish World Language lesson. It's the first time I actually learned something during a 45 minute presentation. I wonder if she teaches adult classes somewhere.

Enough for a sluggish work day and the wear and tear on my body, oh and my car. When I got home I needed some therapy - working on some online designs. Since I had started creating my poster size calendars, I decided to create one more and to finish loading them on my Zazzle and update my Firecrackinmama website.

I knew just the image I wanted to use. I opened my Photo Shop and went to work creating this beautiful calendar of the resort poolside we visited on our last cruise.

Evidently it was just too much for my DELL XPS. The machine started revving up like a jet plane and got louder and louder. I was trying my best to shut down all the programs and of course the computer but to no avail. So I did the next best thing and pulled the plug before it either blew up or took off. So much for therapy.

There's always a back-up though, my good old DELL Inspriron laptop. I pulled that out but as I said earlier, my day was not going so well. The laptop wouldn't connect to the Internet. Good old hubby to the rescue. He hooked me up so I could be with the world once more but was unable to fix my desktop.

DELL's turn! The reason we buy DELL's is because of their tech support. Fortunately I had purchased the extended warranty on my XPS. Now normally I call early in the morning and speak to very nice Philippians. I like to know what the weather is like there and they are very helpful, but because I need to get my desktop up and running ASP, I tried the chat online.

I started chatting at 8:30 pm. After a significant period of time explaining many times that the computer would not power up we were told to locate 4 LED lights under the front panel. Hubby and I appeared to be very stupid as we could not see what the tech was asking us to see. That is not until hubby took the cover off the machine and accidentally shined a flashlight behind the panel that had translucent numbers! Yeah, after 45 minutes we had made it through the first step with several more to follow.

Finally we, rather hubby, disconnected and reconnected pins from the power supply to the mother board. That didn't work either. At 10:12 pm the tech finally acknowledged that my machine was dead. She indicated that they were going to ship a new mother board and power supply. The tech will get in touch with me on Monday and my computer should be back!

Meanwhile I am very happy that I had backed most of it up on my very large Toshiba flash drive. So the therapy may not be as fast as my XPS but I still have it.

Here are some samples. Typically I'll buy one to hang on my wall at work and just drool over it wishing I was rich and lived the life of trying figure out what might I do next. However my customers have found much more creative ways to use my Poster Calendars. I had one company order a slew of them for their holiday gifts to various clients. They added their company name and info. Others have ordered them for their sales groups. I love them so I expect everyone else should love them too.

Costa Maya Poster Calendar print
Costa Maya Poster Calendar by Firecrackinmama

I'm late getting around to designing and posting my calendars but better late than never!

Have a Firecrackin Good Day!!!

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Jasmine said...

I really love that idea! The poster calendars. Brilliant. :D