Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Moving Day!!

Well, hubby and I are joining the Empty Nester's' Club. Yep, the last of our chickens is moving out. Happiness for her another change for us. Hmm... All I can think of is that commercial a couple of years ago where the husband and wife were in their kitchen when one of their kids came along and tried to unlock the front door to come in. They had changed the locks. The kid looked bewildered while they were smiling. Amazing how I can remember the scenario but not the product being advertised.

I've always enjoyed our kids living at home but I also remember when I was so anxious to move out of my home and start my life. Independence is a wonderful thing but extremely difficult to achieve these days. My mother helped us out more then once - actually many, many times. So our role now is to be there for our kids when they need us.

Hubby and I were fortunate that my grandmother married for a third time and had moved out of her house when we were in search of our first home. She rented it to us for a nominal fee. Hubby was still in college and I had just gotten my first teaching position for $6,000 a year. We lived on meatloaf and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I remember our first Christmas well. My grandmother's house was big, old and beautiful. She rented the upstairs to another woman but we had access to the third floor attic. What a cool place. The ceilings were at least 8 ft. high downstairs where we lived. That year we bought the largest Christmas tree but had no decorations for it. So me being me blew our budget the first pay of that December. I went out and bought a ton of decorations. The tree was beautiful but there was no money left for gifts or for that matter food. We were extremely happy that so many of our relatives and friends invited us over for dinners and that I had been doing ceramics for the past year.

With the holidays coming and all three kids facing the same dilemma as we did all those years ago, I'll have focused on some holiday gifts I can give them to help out. Last year I designed some glass cutting boards that were really neat along with holiday coasters. I just went to that site and found the cutting boards are out of stock. Guess I'll have to go with the coasters.

I also like the ornaments that you can make at Zazzle but I like my holiday ornaments the best. They are flat but really a nice unique touch to decorating for the holidays.

Baseball Christmas Ornament photosculpture
Baseball Christmas Ornament by FCM_Christmas

The sports ornaments can be personalized by Firecrackinmama.

I have different images that I'll use to make my kids' gifts. Guess they know they're getting one for Christmas now - but they don't know what I'm going to put on them :)

Well, time to go help with the move.

Have a Firecrackin Saturday!!

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Jasmine said...

I just got my own place about a year ago, away from my mom. I am 350 miles away, though. We live on spaghetti and pizza here, ha. Hope you didn't have that meatloaf on the sandwich with the peanut butter and jelly. :)