Saturday, September 12, 2009

It Takes Me Forever!

To this day I can get lost in Philadelphia. I don't know if it's just an overall directional problem with me (my husband would say it was) or if I just have a mental block about Phillie. There are so many things to see and do but I hesitate to go by myself for fear I'll be on the late news as missing when in reality I was still wandering the streets trying to find the Speedline. Ok, so really I could be considered missing. Let's move on.

My above thoughts about Philadelphia were as a result of re-designing my calendars. I started with the Philadelphia 2010 calendar and spent hours trying to decide what pictures I should use this year. I think I did pretty well. My favorite is the cover.

I mean when we travel from New Jersey to Philadelphia this is what we see first. I don't know if others will like the cover as much as me but...

I really liked two other months within the calendar. You can be sure you won't find these two pictures in any other Philadelphia calendar.




Once I had the Philadelphia 2010 calendar together I started on my Tropics 2010 calendar. Wow, that one took a long time too but I'm once again very happy with the outcome.

There's a blend of the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera as well as Hawaiian pictures that just make your mouth water for vacation.

Finally I cheated on the Nature's Beauty calendar because it was taking me forever to do the other two. I used most of the same pictures in this floral calendar because only a few bought it last year - me being one of the few. The quality is great and I of course think the images are just beautiful.

I still have about five more calendars that were popular last year to get together as well as my poster calendars that went over very well too. I have some new images that will look great in an office, classroom or family room.

Zazzle came out with new products this past week and will be releasing some more new products within the next couple of weeks. The most impressive release this week were the Photocards. I tried my hand at a couple and hope to really dive in on these during the next few weeks.

I took this picture last year right before Christmas dinner because I was so happy with the way the coffee mugs enhanced my table. I designed them and thought they would make nice favors as well as be functional. One of the Zazzle employees thought it was a great image and should be used in advertising. I think it would look great as an invitation to a Christmas dinner or even make it into a Christmas card by just adding text.

It's so easy to customize/personalize items by using the text tools provided in the purchase mode. Just look for the customize button and away you go.

Of course photocards are usually set up as templates so customers can easily replace the template with their own picture. Therefore I had to give it a try.

Now I have to do more of these before too long. I've noticed that people are buying their Christmas cards already. I had someone buy 300 of this card. I don't think I'm on their Christmas list though.

Guess I better get into the spirit of the holidays coming. Halloween is always a favorite of mine. I have plenty of invitations that were popular last year. One of my favorites is

Well I should get back to designing some more calendars.

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!!

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Jasmine said...

The calendars look great. I love August on the Philadelphia one.