Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hmm...I remember something about how to relax. Isn't that when you sit in a nice comfortable beach chair in Ocean City, NJ; listening to the gentle lapping of the waves and soaking up the warm sunrays while a soft cool wind gently glides over you? If I remember correctly there was nothing on my mind because I had found my utopia.

Over the years my utopia has changed - a nice tropical island with a hammock, small bungalow, and of course no telephone or TV. I'll still want my computer and Internet because I have found relaxation in creating items and prints from my photography and accidental designs. The nice part of this new found business is that it will provide enough income for my refreshments on the island.

For now I am fine tuning some products and creating some new ones. For the past two weeks Zazzle has had a promotion for ProSellers - 50% off business cards. They consider me as such so I took advantage of the promotion ordering several of my newly developed chubby cards. Ouch, I found some were not what I wanted or expected simply because I didn't abide by keeping my image within the re dotted lines - ugh. However they have now been fixed and are up for sale once more.

The first pack of cards I ordered was the Home Healthcare Information Card. I customized it by saying "Courtesy of" but the info side of the card ran off the sides. I've fixed that now and ordered more.

I also wanted to see my motivational cards I designed for educators. Plus I wanted to give them out to my kids. They basically turned out well but I did refine a couple.

This card was beveled and embossed around the outside edges which really took away from the card. I like it more this way.

The following cards extended too far into the red dotted area making the "Outstanding" annoying to my eye so I changed it too.

I ordered the following achievement cards customizing them with my name, but after doing so I decided the text template for my name was too small so I made that larger. Actually anyone could do that through the customization button.

I was really surprised at how well my Scuba Dog series came out. I ordered the following to preview:

Since these turned out so well I went ahead and ordered a few more:

Scuba Dog
Scuba Dog "Imaginative" Trading Card by Firecrackinmama

As a final card I had to order my favorite just because it was an accidental graphic design:

It's a great feeling when your work turns out the way you wanted it.

Now that I've enjoyed my allotted relaxation time to share my creation, it's time to get on with the real world. So...

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!!

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