Friday, July 24, 2009

Puerto Vallarta - The Tequilla Factory Tour/The Beach

The Jeep Safari was turning into quite an adventure. We left this small out of the way community

and retraced our route to Hacienda Dona Engracia Tequila Factory.

What was to be a tour turned into a lesson on the various types of tequila produced here through a taste testing session.

The bar containing all kinds of Tequila

Store inside

You can find out everything you want to know about Tequila here. I'm not complaining. Following the sales speech I did buy a bottle then walked around before we left for the beach and lunch. It should be noted that the images with the gray borders were taken directly from the Hacienda Dona Engracia's web site. The others were taken while on the excursion.

Not sure what this image is about

From here we were off to the beachfront for a Mexican lunch!

It turns out the place we were going was located in the Old City. Our first cabbie told us you could distinguish the old city by the cobblestone road.

On our way to the beach

We ate lunch in that outdoor restaurant. It was pretty good!

Up the Beach

Down the beach

The brown sand and cloudy water was a far cry from the white sand and turquoise water of the Caribbean. Also note the lack of Palm trees gracing the shoreline. The water was warm but entering it was at your own risk. There were tons of rocks and sharp thingys to get your feet. I tried putting my nifty closed toed sandals on to enter. The problem is all the little stones got in and made it impossible to walk! We had fun though.

Then it was back to the Splendor to prepare for our sailing.

I have to say I am glad we visited Puerto Vallarta. I'm sure staying in the many resorts provides a much more glamorous time but seeing the real area was more rewarding.

Notice the ribs can be seen

We boarded the ship and prepared for our dinner. Antonio and Julius entertained us again with their fork balancing on top of my wine. Of course that wasn't until after Antonio had poured my wine into my glass.

but went one step further by teaching my son

A picture is worth a thousand words

We finished dinner and then said good-bye

From here we were off to Mazatlan.

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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