Friday, July 24, 2009

Puerto Vallarta - Jeep Safari

As I mentioned in my last Blog Firecrackinmama's World: Puerto Vallarta - Day Three we were scheduled for a 2:00 pm Jeep Safari and I could only think about the one we had taken in the Canary Islands back in the early 80's where I was almost killed four times.

Our guides smiled as they assigned us to our jeeps. They checked the licenses of everyone who was driving then made all of us sign a release not to sue if something should happen. Yep, that really gave me a warm fuzzy feeling - not.

There were six of us with four to a jeep. My son drove one jeep and my hubby was elected by the other couple (they didn't know us at all) that were selected to travel with us to drive the second jeep.

Gentlemen start your engines!

We initially thought we would board a bus and be transported to the mountains or jungle to start the safari. Not to be. We revved up right there in the port parking lot and took off through town!

See those trucks in the far right of the picture? They were cutting over into our lane through that opening up ahead. Oh, and my son showing off with no hands on the steering wheel? Hello??!!!

Our guides were quite colorful in describing what we passed on the way to the mountains. One of the first was a time sharing facility:

Yes, it's really a prison

We were told that the best day to go to McDonald's there was on Thursday. Perhaps this was the reasoning behind that recommendation.

Bull Fights every Wed.!

We finally left the highway and headed up this dirt road.

So far, so good, just a bit bumpy. We continued along the road for quite some time. The scenery was beautiful.

Suddenly we came to a sudden stop at this Welcome To Mexico archway.

One of our guides came up to our jeep and recommended that we wear these.

Now keep in mind we're in Mexico - banditios? Hmmm... wouldn't my mother be proud of me now?!

Actually we were told as you supected - dust preventer. Our next adventure was to get us all wet as shown below.

We didn't get too wet this time -

As we continued on our adventure we passed a cattle ranch. They still have open ranges.

Then it was time to stop for some cooling refreshments in this little town's 7-Eleven. This was evidently the center of the community and the local meeting place.

The drinks were cold and there were pinball machines!!

We were all ready for a short break. During the free time I took a look around this small town in the middle of nowhere to me but not to the community.

They had public restrooms

The plumbing left something to be desired.

And a Central Park

The Town - A view from the center of Town

Finally it was time to move on to the Tequila Factory. We all jumped into our jeeps and off we went.

But not before we were passed by a friendly local commuter.

As the Jeep Safari returned on the chosen path everyone decided to give that soaking a second chance - and it worked.

Then it was off to the Tequila Factory - which in reality was a hacienda - for some taste testing!!!
Now that was something to Firecrackin look forward to!

Read all about the Boomin Tequila taste testing in my next Blog! For now

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

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