Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mexican Riviera via Carnival - Day One

After two cruises through Carnival, the Valor and Liberty to the Western Caribbean, we decided to board their newest ship the Splendor for a cruise to the Mexican Riviera visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucus. We had heard so much from others who had been to the Mexican Riviera and loved it that we decided to go see what everyone was raving about.

We left for LA Saturday a week ago to stay in LA overnight.

Back in the old days it was fun to fly. We would just pack our bags and head on over to the airport to the gate in which our plane was awaiting us with all our friends in toe joking and laughing and telling us to have a good time. It's not fun anymore but we had a smooth transition from checking our luggage to going through security - did I say smooth?

That is except for Melissa who forgot to take her battery to her DVD player out and hubby who was detained because of his carry-on. They put his backpack through the x-ray thingy three times. Said they saw six lines of something so they started to take it apart to see what he had in it. Hmmm... Since he uses it for work, he had forgotten and left his small set of six screwdrivers in one of the pockets. I guess they appeared to be harmless so they didn't take them or perhaps it was because the rest of us were standing on the other side laughing at his dilemma. At any rate we made it to the gate and boarded the plane.

As you can see above it was a beautiful day to fly.

Sunday we headed to the port to again be submitted to intense scrutinization prior to boarding our ship. We had to laugh because the port was located in the dome that used to house Howard Hughe's Spruce Goose at Long Beach, CA and the Queen Mary was docked right next to it. Back in the late 80's we had stayed on the Queen Mary and visited the Spruce Goose.

This was an exciting moment as the next thing to happen to us was to get our Sail and Sign card, the key to your room and the key to bankruptcy.

Once we secured our Sail and Sign Card we were free to roam the ship until our cabin was ready. How about this for a grand entrance?

We grabbed something to eat and wandered around for a bit.

Before long we were able to go to our cabins. Of course the luggage wouldn't be delivered until later but who cared.

This is the view from our balcony.

After the life boat drill we set sail.

Here's a peek at some other important places we scouted out the first day.

People were already in the pools!

The Casino

The Spa

And of course the lounge for the Drink Of the Day!

We were scheduled for two days at sea before arriving in Puerto Vallarta. They were spent exploring the ship, spending time in the spa, sunbathing and of course donating to the casino.

We had the late dinner at our reserved table. The first night was a come as you are night however our second night was a formal night.

Antonio, on the left, our server and Julius, his assistant, provided us with not only excellent service but entertained us as well.

How about that!

And for the first time on a cruise we not only saw our maitre d' but also enjoyed him actively participating in entertaining our dining room. This cruise Miguel Rodrigues welcomed us each night and walked throughout the dining area greeting various guests. In addition our oldest daughter is extremely allergic to shell fish and was assured by Ramona Florea, Mr. Rodriguez's assistant, that all food preparations were individually prepared with no cross contamination.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rodrigues our first night at dinner. He came up behind me while I was sitting at our table and first asked for our daughter by name. Once she acknowledged him he then indicated he was looking for me. I didn't know who he was but being in uniform led me to immediately believe he was of importance. His first question to me was, "Where were you during the life boat drill?" I was of course startled and babbled that I had been present and standing next to my husband. With that he continued with his questioning and I of course became more unnerved. Then he laughed and presented me with a free drinks card from my daughter. Of course everyone had a great laugh at my expense.

Well, enough for now. Tomorrow Puerto Vallarta!

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

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