Friday, July 24, 2009

Mazatlan - Day Four

Well, we really didn't know what to expect after Puerto Vallarta. However with any vacation there is always one outstanding thing that everyone talks about forever and that happened in Mazatlan. The Blog starts with our arrival, continues with the famous Banana Boat ride and concludes with the "Real Tour" of Stone Island. Just click on the photos or the highlighted text to continue Firecrackinmama's adventures on Stone Island.

Evidently Mazatlan was settled by immigrants from Germany. They developed Mazatlan into a thriving commercial seaport, importing equipment for the nearby gold and silver mines. They also influenced the music, banda, which is an alteration of Bavarian folk music, and also started the Pacifico Brewery on March 14, 1900. The beer isn't too bad.

Our first views of Mazatlan

The closer we got the better the it looked. My hopes for white sand beaches with turquoise water and Palm trees gently swaying in the breeze overshadowing the beach was growing. Then I noticed the boat was turning. It didn't take too long to realize that the captain was turning the boat around to park it. Better yet he was parallel parking in front of another cargo boat. Take a look at this.


And then we were parked

It was quite a different sight from this side. Notice the little people down below us. Well, they were only a few of the soldiers with high powered guns greeting the ship. Sure did make me feel all warm and fuzzy all over - not. However you could understand it when we looked out at the commercial port.

Zoomed in views of the city

Today's excursion was The Stone Island Tour. We all met in the Spectacular Auditorium to await directions. Shortly thereafter we were escorted off the ship and led towards another smaller boat as seen in this photo.

We boarded sitting in the back. Everyone was happy!

The launch cut in front of the Splendor presenting a great shot.

The driver of the boat filled us in on some of the history of Mazatlan as presented above. He then proceeded to take us for a short tour of the bay before landing us on Stone Island.

The captain of the small boat made sure
we were able to see the majestic Splendor
in all her glory

Shortly after passing the above photo we were told that our limo was awaiting our arrival

And our limo driver would take us to our destination for a day of fun!

It was a pleasant ride and we were able to see how the locals lived. We finally approached this eloquent gate with Palm trees swaying in the breeze.

We exited our limo and approached this outdoor restaurant.

On the other side tables were set up both inside the thatched roof and outside on the beach area. It was really a hot humid day so everyone basically stayed under the large covered area. However after venturing out to see the beach and all the activities the largest event of the cruise was developing.

This was a beautiful beach. The water temperature was just right, there weren't any shells or rocks entering the water and the sand, although not white, was soft and easy to walk through.

As seen in the above pictures there were many activities available for tourists. Among them was an ATV ride along the beach, horseback riding and the fun looking Banana Boat Ride - the event of the trip.

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Have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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