Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cabo San Lucus

We arrived in Cabo San Lucas around 7:00 am and had a resort day planned. After two excursions that provided quite a bit of entertainment we decided to take it easy in Cabo. Our first views of this beautiful port of call led us all to believe we were going to have a great time here.

We had to be tendered at this port. I couldn't help but think of my Granny Grimes 75 years ago being tendered in their port.

and today

The boat to the right

As we moved towards our destination we were able to get some great photos of the marinas. We passed yachts lined up in a row as far as the eye could see.

A large white van awaited our arrival and transported us to the Casa Dorada Resort.

First impressions - Wow!

A short tour of the hotel area started our visit and then to the pool. During our stay we would be provided a lunch at the lower level restaurant. The first thing we did though was settle in claiming our lounge chairs and umbrellas - oh, and shortly thereafter - drinks.

Tell me this isn't the life!

After a short rest, drinks and cooling off in the pool I decided to see what was on the other side of the wall taking some pictures as I explored the new world.

The outdoor restaurant facing the beach

Looking out over the balcony of the outdoor restaurant.

I decided to look further from above and then ventured down onto the beach for a better view of Cabo.

Hmm... how this this happen right below the resort?

I followed the steps down and exited through the guarded gate. I should mention that during our initial orientation each group was given a special card to swipe in order to re-enter the resort. I never expected a security guard to also be there.

So I headed out to see the beach and whatever else might be there.

The front of the restaurant and bar shown above

Venturing out further I took pictures up and down the beach.

I found the sand to be very difficult to walk through. It was, as you can see, brown, grainy and deep. My feet would sink up to my ankles making the walk a real exercise. However I was bound for a beach house with Palm trees swaying in the breeze on the beach. There wasn't any activity or multiple chairs on the beach. I took a closer picture of the structure. Due to the lack of activity I am guessing that these are privately owned beach front properties.

All the resort beaches have a rope border. That's so you can enjoy the beach without the constantly pestered by the roving merchants. They are not permitted within the roped area but as soon as you leave that area you're on your own.

Ignoring and avoiding as well as politely declining to purchase, I managed to walk pretty far along the beach. I was spellbound by all the activities available and even happened to see a Banana Boat - couldn't help but take a picture.

Although the poolside view was beautiful, so was the beach view.

Unfortunately we had a short stay at Cabo San Lucas. Our ship was to sail at 3:00 pm. Arriving back at the pier my husband, son and I went off to purchase gifts. I'm sorry to say we missed a highlight that the girls found.

Off to one side of the pier a merchant had lion cubs and was taking pictures of customers holding a cub. I would have loved to have held one.

Is that not the cutest little, big cat?

As we sailed away we wished that the cruise had been in reverse order, spending a full day here and a shortened day in Puerto Vallarta.

We were at the resort with the white umbrellas

Good-bye Cabo San Lucas

The port security boat (the little white spot)
escorted us all the way out to sea

We were now off for home, Long Beach, CA that is. A full evening and day at sea and we would be finished our cruise. However not our fun.

Hubby had planned on a special dinner at the Pinnacle Restaurant. When we sailed on the Liberty we ate at Harry Winston's. That was in celebration of our 35th wedding anniversary. The food and atmosphere was great. Therefore we thought we should check out the Splendor's top notch restaurant.

We noticed first that the Pinnacle's dress code was casual, Harry Winston's was dress-up. We all met for our dinner dressed casually except for the girls. They had purchased new dresses in preparation for this evening.

The first thing we felt about the Pinnacle was that the atmosphere that we had expected wasn't there. The restaurant was opened so that you could see the deck below. The servers were ok, taking our orders for drinks and appetizers. The presentation of the drinks and appetizers did not cause anyone to take pictures as was not the case at Harry Winston's. We were treated like royalty in Harry's with additional tastes of appetizers, compliments of the chef.

We placed our dinner orders and received our food in a timely fashion. However my husband did not receive the cut of meat that he had ordered. When indicating such to the waitress and the maitre d' of the restaurant, he was told that he was incorrect and it was what he had ordered. Now my husband knows his beef. To this day he stands by his original determination - it wasn't what he ordered but he ate it anyhow.

Again the presentation of the entree was not as nice as Harry Winston's. Dessert was very good but not picture worthy. At Harry's the chef sent out samples of desserts after we had eaten ours. No special treatment here. All in all the entire eating experience at the Pinnacle was on a much lesser scale then eating at Harry Winston's.

We will be sure to search more Blog opinions about other ships' top notch restaurants before making reservations.

We arrived in Long Beach as scheduled and headed to the airport for our flight back to Philadelphia. All in all we had a good time and are planning to sail again some day in the future - when we can afford it.

For now have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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