Monday, May 4, 2009

On The Sad Side

In October I wrote my Blog Firecrackinmama's World: The Ride Home in which I talked about a local icon "Mike" Urban, the farmer down the road. I learned yesterday while reading the obituaries that he passed away on April 29, 2009 at the age of 86. His brother still lives in the farm house but I don't know that he will continue their farm stand this year. I hope so.

I didn't know Mike or Dutch personally however I made sure I waved every time I passed them and sure enough they waved back. I know it's probably a great loss to Dutch. I extend my deepest sympathies.

I saw another icon in our community had also passed away. Jim's Shoe Repair in Southwood Shopping Center has been around forever. Although I didn't use his services that much, I knew he was there and could revive the worst pair of shoes to new. I read that his sons and grandson are selling his business. I hope someone buys it.

Change is inevitable and life goes on.

I think Urbans own the last acres of farm land on the West Deptford side of Ogden Road. The rest has been turned into developments. I hate to think that one day that land too will be converted. There's this one tree that stands out in the middle of one of their large fields that is absolutely perfectly shaped. I plan to take a picture of it every time I pass by. I'll be sure the next clear day to get the photograph.

I took a picture of Mike's tractor as explained in the above mentioned Blog. This is how I'll always remember him.

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