Friday, May 15, 2009

I've Been Trained Well

My day begins around 5:00 am when the alarm clock goes off. My best friend let's out a big yawn and groan and rolls over waiting for me to turn off the alarm and fall out of bed. You would think I'd get a hug or something but no, she's off and running down the steps to begin the first of many morning routines.

Fortunately the coffee is on that automatic timer so all I have to do is find the key to the back door to let her out and the cat in. The cat gets his morning treat while I pour my coffee. By then my best friend is ready to come in. Notice I say my best friend. I'm not really her best friend unless it's time for a biscuit or to play ball. I'm the sucker for being coaxed into playing.

I greet her at the door with a biscuit in hand. She grabs it and takes it to her favorite spot to eat. My husband and daughter make her sit and beg. Not me after all she isn't a dog, she's my master. By the time she's finished the first biscuit I've checked the preliminary events of the day on the computer. So while I refill my coffee, she has another biscuit and retires to bed again to await her best friends' awakenings.

I go off to work without any rituals but when I come home, that's a different story. On my way I pick up my mother and bring her down for dinner. Oh, that dog is something else. I know she can tell time as she is in the front window every day with her little body wiggling all over just to see, not me, but my mother. This isn't a fish tale. She can actually jump vertically, not touch my mother and give her a big, fat, juicy kiss on the side of my mother's face and land on all fours!

In my own defense I have to say that when I don't have my mother, I get a greeting too, but not kisses. Nope, I insist that she sit, body wiggling all over, and then she gets her loving and I get mine.

I generally start dinner while my mother and Chrysie are out on the deck enjoying the Spring like weather.

My mother and Chysie having a snack.

Chrysie lasts out there about four minutes when it dawns on her that she could be playing ball. We keep her yellow tennis balls in a green tin container. She'll whine until my mother let's her in. With that she heads straight to the balls, selects one and pesters me to play. I've been trained however to complete dinner and eat. The moment the last piece of food enters my mouth, Chrysie is there in my lap with her ball. While my husband cleans up, we go out and play.

Are you ready to play ball yet?

If anyone has a Springer, you'll know that they never know when to stop. We actually throw the ball no more then twelve times. She runs full speed to get it then takes the long way around the yard before bringing it back. By the time we are finished her tongue is hanging out.

As I head for the door she darts passed me and wiggles in the instant I start to open it. She heads right for the water bowl and being a water dog, sticks her whole head in to drink. When she comes up for air she turns and runs to get her ball again. I'm left with muddy paw prints and water all over the kitchen floor.

It's generally time for the news so I take a seat in my chair to relax - not. The next thing I know Chrysie has thrown her rope toy in my lap ready to go at it again. Most of the time I'll play. My mother is always afraid that we'll pull her teeth out. She's a strong little critter.

Chrysie is truly a ham, she loves to have her picture taken. My husband bought me a new camera for Mother's Day and guess who had their picture taken first? Yep, Chrysie! I haven't transferred them to my computer yet. I've had fun with many of her photos but my favorite shoot was when she was swimming in the Delaware River. Some guy saw her and nicknamed her Scuba Dog.

When my daily routines are interrupted, my whole day is messed up and for the last week every day has been messed up. There is nothing worse then when your best friend isn't feeling up to par. I mean you miss the warm welcomes, the unconditional love and you have no one to play with. Oh, yes, best friends can sometimes get under your skin and you can even be mad at each other but never for long.

Yes, our best friend, our dog, our Chrysie is sick. We found out the other day that she has Lyme's Disease. It happened so quick. The other day she began limping, not putting any weight on her front left paw. Naturally we thought she had sprained it as she runs full speed after her ball then puts her two front paws straight out to stop. Plus something similar has happened in the past but she was fine after a day or two. Not this time though. It got worse and she was hiding, not really wanting to see anyone.

I'm hoping the antibiotics that the doctor prescribed will do their trick and she'll be up and bounding around like we've always seen her. The first round however has made her sick so we are waiting for a new prescription today.

This morning the alarm went off. She didn't stir. I miss my best friend even though she loves me for my biscuit and ball throwing skills.

You can read all about our best friend in my Blog Firecrackinmama's World: Unconditional Love

Chrysie pouted the whole time we were on our cruise.

Someone actually bought some of these job description postcards. You can read about my unusual sales in my Firecrackinmama's World: Never Thought They Would Sell Blog.

This is a tribute to Chrysie as she had to babysit for the cat in the lounge chair while we were having fun.

This was Chrysie after she lost her best friend. They were great playmates but as my yellow lab got older Chrysie wasn't so kind to her - jealousy.

My best work with Chrysie is the following and I've sold copies of this too!

Well, I have to go to work now. Chrysie will be home with hubby supervising the guys putting in the new garage doors - I hope.

I'm really hoping that when my mother and I come home today we'll see our old Chrysie. I want my clumps of dog hair in the foyer, the muddy floors, the dog chasing the cats, the barking at other dogs out on walks and most of all, I want to play ball tonight.

Have a Firecrackin great day!!

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