Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's A Week Old!!

Mother's Day is always a time when everyone reflects on their gateway to life. It's a special day when memories are refreshed by happy moments shared. I noticed as my mother got older she somehow lost all those memories of when we had our differences. I find myself doing the same thing now with my kids.

I've been very fortunate as all three of my kids have become very independent and lovable young adults. They have learned to tolerate me just as my husband has for years. They were all here to celebrate the big day last week and adorned me with cards and gifts. And my husband, Mr. Bill, gave me a gift as always on this special day. This year I received

Let me tell you about this camera. It is shock proof, water proof, and cold proof. Yep, you can have it in freezing temperatures and it will still take pictures. That will have to wait to be seen as we're headed to the tropics.

It also has a feature that you can tap the camera and it will go. The best part is that it is a compact 12MP, 3.6x zoom with another feature of fine zoom (higher magnifications than optical zoom without reducing the image quality). Of all the cameras I've owned, I have to say this is the most user friendly camera ever. The macro is cool as well as there is a super macro and a macro with LED. I'm still trying to understand that though.

There are so many things I like about the camera that it is difficult to list them all. Perhaps my husband noticed that it has dual stabilization. I'm thinking that feature didn't catch his eye because we'll be on moving objects on our vacation but because I have a normal tendency not to have a steady hand.

In addition to the camera Mr. Bill bought me

That way if the camera comes loose from my wrist, it will float!!!! Hmm... I wonder if it could hold me afloat.

I'm not finished. Mr. Bill also bought me:

It has a Velcro thingy that allows me to hook it to my belt loop or on my backpack.
In addition or if I don't want to use the case I received:

Now you have to figure that he had to buy me:

I shoot all my pictures in the fine mode so I need a lot of memory. I think Mr. Bill wishes that he could insert that 2 GB of memory into my brain.

But who really cares about all those features? The real issue here is how do the images look!

Well, here are a few that I've taken so far.

The "big ham" of the family had to have her picture taken.

I don't feel too well...

This was a basic picture taken on the auto feature. Chrysie was not feeling too well.

Then I had to try the macro - simple macro that is:

Just look at the droplets of water on this beautiful white Iris. I thought the clarity was fantastic!

Yesterday while I was playing in the yard I noticed our neighbor's Iris so of course I had to test the macro again.

That was the super macro.

Here's both the super macro and the macro LED. Naturally I don't know which is which.

There's still a lot to learn with this new toy so stand by I'll be posting my new learned things!!

Have a Firecrackin great Sunday!!

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