Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Saturday!!!

I love this time of year! Only three more weeks of work and I'm off for my summer vacation. My, what will I do??? :) :)

Anyone who is in education and has that summer break knows that you start off by finding the inside of your house - cleaning that is. This year I am so ever close to do what I have threatened for years - bring in a dumpster and throw everything that I haven't seen for a year or more.

I've muddled through the basement and have gotten rid of a lot of junk and trash but it doesn't look as though I've touched it. I wonder if we could get some type of tax break if we claimed our property as a waste site? Hmm...

At any rate the renovations to our home continues. The first of course was the replacement of our garage doors. We checked out both Lowes and HomeDepot. For some reason my husband preferred HomeDepot. It took a couple of weeks but they sent a contractor out and here's before and after.



These doors are insulated including the windows. It is great to have windows as you don't have to put the garage light on every time you enter the garage from the inside. Also has automatic opening - now I have to remember another password. :( The guy who installed the doors left a remote control that lights up when you use it. The LiftMaster, as it's called, is sitting on my desk. One morning I noticed it blinking but didn't think anything of it. When my daughter left for work she inquired as to why the garage door was opened. Oops.

Today we are awaiting Davis Brothers Home Remodelers to come by with our contracts to redo the roof and our back decks! They do fabulous work. We had them back in the 90's to cap our trim. I'm taking the before pictures today and will post their progress.

The windows should be replaced shortly as well. We selected a contractor and chose our windows. I'm hoping they will arrive next week.

Meanwhile I have eliminated the gross green weeds growing within our driveway, pampered my new grass seed and have Miracle Growed the living daylights out of the backyard and frontyard - stock tip - buy oil - we're going to need a lot of gasoline to cut the lawns this year!

Well, it's getting close to the time that I can start my weekend exercise - manicuring the lawns and then the big exercise - digging the garden!

We used to have a garden every year but then a few years ago we stopped planting one. I can't remember why but...

Have a Firecrackin Good Day!


Jasmine said...

The garage looks great!

Jamie said...

Thanks fior your comment on the ACEO's

Good Luck to you too, can't wait to see them!