Saturday, April 11, 2009

Living on the Edge

If you are a risk taker you'll know what I mean by "Living on the Edge". Sometimes your choices seem like they are compulsive, and they are, while other times you do take a few minutes, hours or days to think before you act.

I wrote a Blog a few weeks ago, Firecrackinmama's World: It's Your Duty! which focused on buying US Savings Bonds. It seems as though Washington has caught onto it now and they're promoting that everyone should take a renewed interest in buying them once more. I don't know how much risk taking there is in that idea as you would be purchasing a small bit of the US. God knows how much other countries own. I know we are doing everything we can to help stimulate the economy.

Last night we, my husband and I, made a "Living on the Edge" decision, we refinanced our house for thirty more years. It won't be paid off until 2039. There's a very slim chance we'll even still have the house then as we'll be looking at the world from the roots up. However the benefits are going to be great! You'll be hearing more about our remodeling within the next few months.

We've made numerous "on the edge" decisions throughout our 36 years of marriage, including getting married. The most impactful have been our employment philosophies, if you don't like your work then move on, and we have. At times it's been extremely stressful while other times very beneficial.

During the beneficial times we took the kids on some great trips and didn't spare expenses. My mother and my husband's parents always traveled in style so I guess that was passed on to us. All I know is that we all have great memories of those times. We still did vacation during the stressful times. Usually we went to the shore for a couple of weeks or down to Williamsburg. Great memories then too.

When the kids were 8, 10, and 12 we took them to Disney World. I remember I set the dinner table with personal eloquent invitations next to their plates and Disney mugs with a Disney balloon tied to the handles which seemed to put the proverbial "icing on the cake". They were so excited that they didn't sleep that night. It was a fabulous trip. That was the first and only time my husband and I have been there. The kids, well they've been there a few more times.

I wish I had been involved with my Firecrackinmama's Zazzle back then. I would have bought each of them the following with their names on them.

Zazzle and Disney have some sort of partnership where you can personalize items. You can check it out here:

I think one of my most recent "on the edge" decisions was back in January 2005. My daughter and her friends were planning another cruise. My husband and I had never been on one. I was the reason, always thought I was reincarnated from the Titanic. For some odd reason I truly respect the ocean and want nothing to do with what's underneath the surface.

Anyhow, she was on the phone with her friend and paused to ask us if we wanted to go. Talk about a compulsive decision, we said yes. As a matter of fact we said we'd take our youngest as a graduation gift. She jumped at it.

Believe me I was full of anxiety for seven months but I went. We flew to Ft. Lauderdale and took the bus over to Miami. All I can say now is that I'm a cruiser. It was a wonderful trip! A floating hotel complete with full service and fun. The following is an image as we left the ship for our first excursion in Belize. Here we were sitting in the middle of an ocean and they wanted us to get off this huge boat and get on a smaller one! Oh yeah.

Our second cruise was in 2007 and now our third is 91 days away!! I can't wait.

Ever since I saw the movie Swiss Family Robinson, I've wanted to live on a tropical island. Of course since then I have learned that not all islands are as beautiful as the one in which they were stranded. To this day I love to watch that movie. One of Disney's greatest. I hear they have tried to make a re-make. No way will it ever be as good as the original. Oh, and by the way if you have never red the book, you should do so. As usual it was better then the movie.

Since I can't live on an island my next best thing is to enjoy all the images we have taken and those shared with me by my niece and nephew-in-law when they were on their honeymoon in Hawaii. That's another dream not to far away, cruising from CA to Hawaii and back.

Beautiful images should be available for all to enjoy in various ways. Therefore I opened my Firecrackinmama's Tropics about a year ago. I really need to get in there and update it with more beautiful gifts, tees, and office items. Even with what I have posted, I've sold quite a few things to people from all over the world. I'm glad they enjoy the same beauty as me.

To end this particular "on the edge" theme, I have to share the most recent designs I've taken a chance on. I consider this time of year a down time as so many people are outside enjoying the beginning of Spring. So I've taken advantage of this and have focused on making new designs through experimentation with various art programs I have. I always appreciate constructive criticism.

I had a lot of fun working with flowers. I found a cluster of orange lilies last year and shot them from various angles. This card is really thinking out of the box.

However I really like the next few things.

Orange Lilies 3D Mom Travel Mug mug
Orange Lilies 3D Mom Travel Mug by Firecrackinmama

I've used various clusters of flowers in the same manner. If you're interested go ahead and visit my Firecrackinmama's Zazzle and the Mother's Day link listed in the left hand menu.

Well, I'm off to my hairdresser's appointment. Believe me that's always "on the edge" as I never know how it's going to turn out.

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

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BrainLint said...

Living on the edge keeps life exciting! And you never make any great gains if you don't take any great risks :)

I love the "Hidden Message" card!!! Great job!