Friday, April 17, 2009

Blogger Block

I'm not sure if I'm suffering from "Blogger Block" or I just have too many things I want to talk about. It's already April 17, 2009 and Spring is springing. Today is going to be one of those days you wish you could put in a bottle and release on a day like we had this past Tuesday or Wednesday for that matter. Or one of those days you wish you could play "hooky" from work, but you can't.

Since it is the middle of April I have to start thinking about early May for two reasons: my mother's birthday, she'll be 89, and of course Mother's Day. In years past her birthday has actually fallen on Mother's Day, not this year though. Last year I thought it would be neat to buy her a digital camera and one of those digital picture frames. We managed to load pictures on the frame but she doesn't know how to, or rather remember, how to operate the frame. As for the camera, I've tried several times to show her how easy it is to use to no avail. So I've been using it.

This year I'm ahead of the game but I need to start working on her gift now. In previous Blogs I've mentioned that I printed out three book albums of my brother and me bound in hard back covers. For her birthday and mother's day this year I plan to print out her favorite time of her life, travels with my father during WWII. OK, so that's taken care of and I can move on to the next thing I've been thinking of sharing.

Basically fathers are often left to the buying of gifts for mothers that are given under their children's names. This can be a really difficult task but I'm here to share an easy way for Dad's or others to give a gift from the heart this Mother's Day or any special day.

Simply find a drawing or have the child make a drawing for Mom. Digitize it and follow the simple directions given to make almost anything. Here are some items that would more then likely be truly appreciated by Mom, Grandma, Mom Mom, etc.

To go along with the gift don't forget a card!

Create Your Own Gifts card
Create Your Own Gifts by Firecrackinmama

Each item has a nice selection of size, colors and styles. Part of the fun in designing your own is seeing how an image looks on various products. Oh, and don't forget to use the text tool to add your own personalized message.

For ideas be sure to check out my Firecrackinmama Zazzle's Mother's Day gifts. For a full selection of ideas for any occasion just click on the card below!

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

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